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Whittle Wanderer (Walking and back packing pages by Boyd Harris).

Single day walk Backpack (multiple days)
Bowscale Tarn, Bowscale Fell, Blackhazel Beck to River Caldew, Cumbria. Wed 18 Mar 2020
Mosedale, Rake Trod, Carrock Fell, Brandy Gill, Carrock Mines, Cumbria. Thu 12 Mar 2020
Swindale, Glebe Howe, Seat Robert, Sleddale Hall, Cumbria. Wed 19 Feb 2020
Howtown, Bonscale Pike, Barton Fell, Howtown Pier, Cumbria. Tue 28 Jan 2020
Martindale, Gowk Hill, Pikewassa, Steel Knotts, Cumbria. Thu 23 Jan 2020
Bike ride, Warrington, Bridgewater Canal, Manchester, Huddersfield Canal - narrow & broad, Dewsbury, Leeds. 3 day bike ride.  Sat 18 Jan -to-
Tue 21 Jan 2020
Martindale, Rest Dodd, Rampsgill Head, High Raise, Cumbria. Wed 15 Jan 2020
Martindale, Bannerdale, Boredale Hause, Place Fell, Sleet Fell, Cumbria. Wed 08 Jan 2020
New Year's Day 2020 from Lambfoot Dub to Seathwaite, Cumbria. Wed 01 Jan 2020