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Peter House Farm, Whitewater Dash, Little Calva, Hause Gill, Thorny Crag, Cow Wath, Horsemoor Hills, Cumbria.
[15.4 km]  Tue 06 Oct 2020

OS Grid ref: NY 24907 32309
Lat/Long: 54.680220, -03.166168
I had an unpleasant drive north along the M6 due to dark and rain. The rain continued heavy all day at home but fortunately when I reached Cumbria the worst of the rain was over. I drove past last week's parking spot and continued along the narrow lane to Peter House Farm where there is a parking area by the road. There was nobody there when I arrived. I set off east along the track towards Whitewater Dash.
Heading up to Whitewater Dash.
IIt was partly overcast but pleasant walking conditions. It is and easy walk for the first couple of miles and then the steeper and rougher track has to be negotiated to reach the gate above Whitewater Dash Waterfall. Recent rain meant the falls were running impressively. Through the gate I soon left the vehicle track to follow a faint path heading NE by Dry Gill and a post and wire fence. The path was deeply eroded, very slippery in the wet and difficult to negotiate. Fortunately the wire fence was directly adjacent so I could use it from time to time to pull myself up.
Little Calva
When the gradient eased I was on good ground for a while and climbing up the deep gill but still having nice views. Higher up on Little Calva the ground became horribly wet and I needed wide detours to continue. I followed a fence for a while and then to the Little Calva cairn. Another boggy area took me to a fence and gate on the NE ridge of Great Calva. I descended to the north and the saddle before the climb up to Knott. My way was to the left and a good path descending into the deepening gorge of Hause Gill.

I reached a stone sheepfold that I’ve visited before and continued down to the wide flat valley bottom. The main ford was too deep but I managed to hop over a bit downstream where it narrowed. Further on I left the main path to head right through another wet area and down through a gate to Thorny Crag which is a glamping bothy available for hire.

Thorny Crag

 Thorny Crag.

Thorny Crag.

Thorny Crag through the window.
All the doors were locked as I’d expect. There was no vehicle access so only for the enthusiast. I followed the farmtrack across the field and down the field to Cow Wath. The weather had been good but a sudden downpour meant I had to put my waterproof leggings on. Fortunately the rain soon stopped. Through a gate I came to a United Utilities building which seemed part of a water intake from Hause Gill.
Fox in the field.
There was a ‘private’ sign on the gate. I went through another gate to follow a better track NW which passes Brocklecrag which was a substantial building below the track. I couldn't see much of it as I passed. I continued below orthwaite Bank to join the road where I turned left to walk along the narrow lane back to my car near Peter House Farm.

Heading back along the lane.
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