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Morar, Loch Morar, Glen Pean, Glenfinnan, Callop, Cona Glen, Corran Ferry,
Gleann Righ, Glen Nevis, Fort William, Scotland. Extract from an old diary.
(5 day back-pack)
Sat 22 Jan - Wed 26 Jan 1983

Sat 23 Jan 1983
Sat 22 Jan 1983 Tue 25 Jan 1983
Sun 23 Jan 1983 Wed 26 Jan 1983
Mon 24 Jan 1983  
Friday 21st January 1983
After work I drove home then made final checks on Gear I packed for Dean, Charlie and myself. The arrangement was for us all to meet at my house between 6 to 6:15 pm. Dean was very early and Charlie very late. We were off by 7 in Dean's car, his Ford Escort. We went a bit wrong in Glasgow and missed the chip shop but pressed on to reach Glencoe about 12:30 a.m. we threw Dean's 'The Tent' up and all crawled in at 1 a.m. to a sound night's sleep

Saturday 22nd January 1983.

We were all up a little after 8 a.m. and without stopping for breakfast packed up and drove to Fort William. Our plan was to catch the train to Morar near Mallaig but the first one out was around 10 a.m. which we wouldn't have made so we decided to go for the 12:55 train. After a look around Nevis Sport shop in their new premises we returned to the car to pack our backpacking gear for about 4 days. After leaving our proposed route at the police station we shouldered our sacks and braved the Saturday shoppers to stroll to the railway station. We reluctantly parted with 3.20 each for the single journey then dragged our sacks and ourselves onto the train looking forward to what is supposed to be one of the best train rides in Scotland. The weather had been improving all morning and when we left the station the sun had started to break through. We wound slowly through the mountains, Crossing under the road, then over it, stopping occasionally at rundown stations. The scenery was nice and I enjoyed the journey but I must admit I thought the Rannoch Moor line was more picturesque. I'd been in it on a previous trip. We left the train at Morar, and what a one-horse level crossing it was. Dean made a phone call then we were off up the narrow road to Loch Morar. The road started off a bit dreary and I began to wonder what I'd let Dean and Charlie in for. At Bracorina the surfaced road finished and we then followed an old track along the north bank of the loch.

A strange glow at our first camp by the loch
The track was obviously of some importance in years gone by as it was very well made where it was built up on stones. There was no deterioration of the stonework. The sky cleared and we watched the sun dip behind the hills leaving a warm red light filtering across the loch. The day was very mild and it was unbelievable to think that this was January. Our intention was to camp near Swordland but as we approached the light faded fast leaving us traveling by moonlight as we reached the track to Tarbert. By now the wind had got up and we were struggling to find a suitable pitch in the dark. After a while we retraced then down a track to the water's edge where we left our sacks to look for a pitch separately. I managed to find a step in the hillside which was just big enough for the tent. We put it up under a canopy of stars. Before long we were snug inside while I cooked a meal. The mild weather continued and we all found it a bit warm during the night.

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