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Loch Laggan via Lochan Earba & over Bennein Shuas, Scotland.
[18.7 km]  Thu 17 Sep 2020

OS Grid ref: NN 43319 83055
Lat/Long: 56.9122420, -4.5750400

Iíd spent the night in the car park at Aberarder by Loch Laggan surrounded by campervans. As soon as I woke at 5am I set off to drive to the lay bye near Moy Lodge. I wanted to get away as doon as possible so set off in the dark at 05:30am. I had some sandwiches with me which I ate on the go. It was an easy walk in along the estate road so the dark wasnít a problem. The surrounding mountains were mostly clear but with some lingering high cloud. Iíve already done this walk on 19th July earlier this year but the weather was bad and there was no visibility on the mountain. I reached Loch Earba at 06:40am as it was coming light but no sign or the rising sun.

 Loch Earba at first light.

 East view of Binnein Shuas.
I continued along the east shore to the far end where I left the track to cross the river by the walkway over the small dam. I could now see the east face of Binnein Shuas. When I was last here it was all obscured by cloud. There are two reasonable gullies to get up to the summit area and I decided to head for the one to the left.

 Climbing the gulley.
From now on there is no path of any kind so I had to do my best to avoid as much of the bog as possible. Once on the ridge the walking becomes more varied with rock outcrops. I carefully checked out the gully through my binoculars. The terrain steepened then leveled off across a boggy area to the base of the gully. It was a bit of a scramble in places but straightforward. Over the top of the small stream coming down I reached a hanging valley where I climbed to the left and along the ridge to the summit area.

 View from the summit.
It was so nice to have good views ahead. A small cairn sits on the summit rock and with little wind I could enjoy the summit panorama. The last time I was here I could hardly stand up. I continued over the top to start my descent to the south. The ground was very tussocky and I knew from my last visit I would have to take it steady due to hidden depressions and holes.

I could see the track far below and seemed to take ages to get there. It was still only morning and I could see people walking up. Eventually I reached the track, turned right and walked down the way Iíd come up. Surprisingly I didnít see anyone else until almost back at the car. I finished the walk just on mid-day and then immediately started my drive home.

Looking down to Loch Laggan.
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