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Fell Side, Roughton Gill Mines, Great Lingy Hill, Knott, Little Sca Fell, Brae Fell, Cumbria.
[12.7 km]  Wed 29 Jul 2020

OS Grid ref: NY 30429 37372
Lat/Long: 54.726502, -03.081757
When I arrived at Fellside Farm there was already a car in the trackside parking space. As I was getting ready a woman runner and her dog came down from the fell, got in the car and drove off. I set off south along the track towards the Roughton Gill Mines area and it was nice to see patches of sunshine on the distant hills. I soon came to the square building by the track which is connected with the water supply pipes in the track.

West Cumbria Water Board building.

 West Cumbria Water Board.
The lintel over the door says W. C. W. B. presumably West Cumbria Water Board. Up the fell to the SE the map shows a reservoir which is probably connected to it. Further up the valley is the footbridge and just below it the vehicle ford. Under the clear water I could see one of the cast iron pipelines coming down from the mines area. I fixed my small action camera to my walking pole and made a short video of the pipe underwater. I continued up the track to the ford which was too deep to cross with boots on. Fortunately I found some boulders I could hop across a short way upstream.

Pipe crossing under Dale Beck.

Underwater view of the pipe.
I had a look at the concrete building which also seems to be connected with the water pipeline. There are no marking to say what it is. An extremely heavy duty steed door prevents access. There is a small vent hole high up the wall and ti was possible to poke my camera in and take a flash photo. The interior was empty except for a sluice valve propped against the wall near the door.

Water intake building at Roughton Gill

Interior view of the building.
I climbed up the scree to reach a good path running along the contour. Looking down I could see a single tent pitched by some ruined buildings and a young man outside.

 Solo camp.
I continued to a gully and followed a faint path up towards Great Lingy Hill. It was quite easy to follow and took me up to the higher fell where I crossed rough ground to the small cairn on Great Lingy Hill. As I approached a runner traversed the summit right to left. On the top I turned right to head out towards my next objective of Knott.

 Climbing out of Roughton Gill.
There is no path shown on the maps but for a while I followed a faint track. it was taking me the wrong way so I soon left it to head across the very rough and difficult Miller Moss. It's an area to avoid. At the far side I climbed up the bank to reach the main path heading west to Knott. Thankfully it was easy going though the wind was getting stronger as I got higher. On the summit is a low cairn and a couple were sat by it trying to get some shelter as they ate their sandwiches.
Sandwiches on Knott.
It was a great viewpoint but a bit too windy to hang around. Without stopping I started the descent to the NE towards Great Sca Fell. There were a surprising number of walkers out for a weekday. I continued down and up over the succession of summits of Great Sca Fell, Little Sca Fell to Brae Fell.

 Lots of walkers out today.

 Right of centre is Skiddaw.

 Brae Fell summit cairn
This was my last summit and there was now a steady descent back down to Dale Beck. At the river is a ford but it was too deep to cross with boots on. A barefoot wade would have been easy but adjacent was a fence suspended across the river. It was substantial enough to take my weight as I used it to cross.
This is where I crossed Dale Beck.

A climb up a grassy path took me to the access road Id walk along earlier. when I got back to my car the whole area was packed with cars.

Lots if cars when I got back.
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