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Calebreck, Howthwaite Stone, Dumpy Stone, Nether Row, Woodhall Park, Cumbria.
[9.3 km]  Thu 23 Jul 2020

OS Grid ref: NY 34580 35837
Lat/Long: 54.713266, -03.016968
The weather forecast was mostly rain & unfortunately it was correct. I drove to north Cumbria and parked at the small parking area at Calebreck. The increasing westerly wind was bringing drizzle with it and as I set off I had no views of the higher fells due to low cloud. My first objective was to visit the Howthwaite Stone which I soon reached.

Howthwaite Stone

 Howthwaite Stone
There is no path to it so crossing boggy rushes was needed. The current maps don't identify it but the 1909 OS map does. It's a large boulder about 4m long and 3m high. Nearby I joined the minor path heading west and directly up West Fell and above Sunny Bank. With the drizzle, low cloud and not much to see I pressed on to reach the main track below High Pike.
Old mine workings.

Dumpy Stone.

Dumpy Stone gap.
When I reached it I turned right to follow it down the east side of the mountain. I crossed some rough grass to visit another large boulder called the Dumpy Stone on older maps. Again, this isn't identified on modern maps but shows up on the 1909 map. It is interesting as it is split with a gap to peer through. There is a substantial track below which I followed to the west. My original plan was to follow it to above Little Fellside and descend there. With the mist and rain I decided to descend earlier and followed a minor track down to the south of Nether Row.

 Rounding up the sheep.

 Rounding up the sheep.
As I approached the buildings I watched some farmers herding the sheep into the narrow lane. Two were on quad bikes and another in a field using a motorbike to herd the sheep. It took them a while so I stood bye to watch. They didnít have dogs which I would have thought would have been ideal for this kind of task. I didnít go through the final gate but turned right and between buildings to cross a wet field.
Rounding up the sheep.
At the far side I missed the path crossing the wall and went through the wrong gate. I soon regained the correct route and followed the path SE by Hudscales. The path then crossed open fields by Woodhall Park but with no evidence of a path on the ground it was difficult to keep on the correct route. I eventually emerged at Calebreck and back to my car.
Wet crossing of Woodhall Park.
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