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Moy Lodge -Loch Laggan, Lochan na h-Earba, Binnein Shuas, Highlands, Scotland.
[19.8 km]  Sun 19 Jul 2020

OS Grid ref: NN 43280 83039
Lat/Long: 56.912090, -04.575679
After a quick breakfast I drove via Dalwhinnie to Loch Laggan and the west end near Moy Lodge. There are two parking areas, the westermost had lots of camper-vans so I returned to the eastern one which was smaller but only one car. I was close to the junction where the estate road bridge crosses the River Spean. I set off over the bridge along the estate road and soon reached another bridge near Torgulbin house. I realised Id missed my turn off and had to return to take the branch road east and up towards the hills. The main vehicle access gate was locked but a side pedestrian gate was open. I headed steadily upwards passing a large gravel quarry on the left and up towards my objective of Binnein Shuas (The Upper Peak).
Further on I took a right branch to a reservoir and its dam. The mountain loomed up to my left as I continued. I walker and his dog came down the track and we stopped for a chat. Hed camped the night out in the mountains and was now heading down. I continued up to the Lochan na h-Earba which is the largest of two lochs on this side of the mountain. There were two tents pitched on the sandy shore but I couldnt see anyone around.
Tent by the loch.

 Lochan na h-Earba & Binnein Shuas.
Over the bridge the track splits. The right is a loop around across open land but I continued straight on to follow the deteriorating track by the loch shoe. On the east side I continued by the lock and even saw some patches of sunshine on the mountain. The east side of Shuas has impressive cliffs including the very difficult 'Ardverikie Wall'. In Oct 2019 rock climber Dave MacLeod has made the first ascent of Mind Riot on the face draded E10 7a.
The map showed the only crossing of the river connecting the two lochs was at the next loch which the map strangely gives the same name of Lochan na h-Earba. Across to the left I could see a concrete dam across the river. I wandered over for a look and found it was an ideal spot to cross the river safely without needing to go to the next loch. The mountain was up ahead and I set off across rough ground to take a direct line. It wasn't as wet as Id expected and became less rough as the gradient increased.
Dam and walkway.

 Binnein Shios in the distance.

 Lochan na h-Earba.
I reached a flat area with cliffs looming above. I took a very steep climb to the right to tray and find a safe way through. The earlier nice weather was gone and the wind increased along with clouds and rain. After a wet grassy scramble I reached the main summit area but still had more summits to climb. The main summit rounded peak appeared through the mist and I managed a quick photo of the small cairn before continuing over the top.
Across the summit.

 Binnein Shuas summit.
I started my descent to the SW and thankfully dropped below the cloud level to see the descent route below me. It was mostly straightforward but lower down deep wet grass over rough ground made the going difficult. I met a walker coming up and it turned out hed been in one of the tents I was by the loch. I reached the vehicle track and turned right to head down. The 3km walk back was uneventful.
Back at my car I drove back to the A9, Trinafour, Kinloch Rannock to spend the night by the Schiehallion Road.

Estate bridge.
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