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Nether Row, Fell Side, Roughton Gill Mines, Great Lingy Hill, High Pike, Cumbria.
[12.2 km]  Tue 14 Jul 2020

OS Grid ref: NY 32394 37808
Lat/Long: 54.730688, -03.051351
Last week I walked through the area of Nether Row Cumbria. Today I have returned and this is where I am starting my walk. It is a short way south of Caldbeck in north Cumbria. I was the only car and parked on a grass verge then set off to walk south along one of the Cumbria way routes. Initially I was the access track to a farm, now a domestic dwelling, then between the buildings to leave by a gate and on to a track heading for the fells.

Potts Gill
I first walked this way back around 1979. I was heading south but soon left the main track to turn right and follow a green track to the west in the direction of Little Fellside and Fellside Farm. I was close to this area last week as I followed a very wet path by Potts Gill. I was unaware of this much better track a short way to the south and higher up. It was a very pleasant wander and felt quite mild under the cloudy sky.
Water Air Valve on the miners track
I continued to Fell Side and then headed south along the old miners track towards Roughton Gill Mines. In the track was an iron air valve chamber lid and further on a Water Authority building for the water pipeline from the mines. It was a pleasant walk along the valley bottom and halfway along near the footbridge I met a man coming the other way with his two dogs. In the mine area I followed an old track steeply up to Roughton Gill then had to hop across the water to regain a path on the east side that continued up through old spoil heaps.
Towards Roughton Gill
I followed it above the mine workings occasionally passing the remains of stone structures. Lead and copper were mined here until 1897 when the mines went bankrupt. I found some shelter from the wind in a sink hole behind and a stone recess and ate my sandwiches. Further on I left the path to head very steeply up to the southeast. I was heading for Great Lingy Hill summit but it would be a while before I could see it. It was quite a steep climb at first then the gradient thankfully eased. There was no path to follow no and I headed for or some large protruding boulders until the low cairn appeared marking the summit. I was fortunate as there were good views.

 View across the Solway Firth to the hills of Scotland.
My plan was to descend to the southeast to sheepfolds near the Lingi Hut. However there was no no path to follow and as I could see a faint path heading northeast towards my next objective of High Pike I decided to follow that. It eventually joined the main Cumbria Way route and I walked along the stony trail until leaving it at the south end of High Pike. The path up to the summit was very wet at the start and then was an easy stroll to the 658 metres summit. I was here last week with very similar weather conditions which were now a lot brighter.

 High Pike seat trig post & cairn.
I didn't stop but continued north to start my descent. I noticed two other paths radiating off which aren't shown on the map. I decided to take the northerly route which descended easily and rejoined my original planned route running through the old mine workings. I stopped briefly to investigate a small building off to the right. It appeared to be an old explosive store as the access drawer was very large and made of steel. it was now lying on the grass. A group of people came up the trail and stopped nearby and it appeared they were on a conducted tour.
High Pike trig post.
I could see Nether Row down below and continued easily down the track. However the main track continued to the right and I followed a minor path almost straight on which didn't really save any time that was a nicer route to follow. When the gradient eased was back on my starting route and was soon walking through the gate into the farm buildings and back to my car. it wasn’t a working farm but a large domestic residence. As expected there were many more cars now parked in the area.
Storage building.
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