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Fell Side, Longlands Fell, Great Sca Fell, Knott, Lingy Hut, Deer Hills, Cumbria.
[14.9 km]  Thu 20 Aug 2020

OS Grid ref: NY 30429 37372
Lat/Long: 54.726502, -03.081757

The weather forecast had been variable but strong winds continued to feature. I drove back to the small parking area by Fellside Farm and set off walking west along the lane.

 Looking towards Askew Mire.

School building now a private house.

Caldbeck School Board A.D. 1875.
I had a nice distant view of the Branthwaite buildings in the sunshine but the first building I came to was the old school on the right. It is now a private house. Carved in stones at the front is Caldbeck School Board A.D. 1875. Iíve not been able to find out any information about its school days. Further along the road I came to Green Head and the wonderfully named Burblethwaite.
I left the road and headed up the track to Holborn. I was now on the old track to Longlands and continued to Charlton Wath which is a shallow ford at Charlton Gill and easy to step across. The sun was out and it started to warm up. Before the climb I stopped to eat my sandwiches as I was sheltered from the wind and it was pleasantly warm. As I started the steady climb up to Longlands Fell the wind increased but I was also treated to more views and could soon look down on Over Water and Binsey to the West.
Windy view from Longlands Fell.

 Skiddaw in the distance.

 Little Sca Fell.
I reached the cairn and got an extra blast of wind. The fells ahead opened up but not showing as clearly as Iíd hoped. There followed a steep descent then steady climb up to Little Sca Fell. Up ahead I could see two separate walkers heading in the same direction. Over Great Sca Fell I could see one of the walkers heading up to Knott summit but the other was sat down just before the climb. As I approached I noticed he was engrossed in his phone and if I hadnít said a greeting Iím sure he would have ignored me. The wind was nothing near as strong as predicted, even as I passed over Knott at 710m, the highest point on todayís walk.

 Lingy Hut.
I descended easily to the east down towards Gunner Well. A couple were walking up as I went down. I crossed the top of Grainsgill Beck and followed the path to Lingy Hut. A couple were coming the other way and we crossed at either side of the hut so didnít get a chance for a greeting. I didnít go into the hut. I pressed on to Hare Stones then the faint left branch to descend the west side of the lower slope of High Pike.

 North view below Hare Stones.
On the right is an old spoil heap and adjacent filled in mine entrance. A clear stream of water continued to issue from the hillside. There were some rocks which looked like someone had been cracking them upen for mineral samples. Back on the track I headed across to the large boulder near the summit of Deer Hills then on to the easy descent tracks back towards Fell Side.
Boulder on Deer Hills.
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