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Howtown, Bonscale Pike, Barton Fell, Howtown Pier, Cumbria.
[9.7 km]  Tue 28 Jan 2020

Lat/Long: 54.567247, -02.868763
OS Grid Ref: NY 43927 19461
I had a dark drive to Penrith then off via Eamont Bridge to Ullswater. Driving south along the east shore road there was still a lot of water about even though it wasnít raining. My plan was to start my walk from St Peterís Church car park at the top of the steep climb up The Hause. I parked and got my stuff ready but it began to snow heavily.


If it continued it would be difficult getting down so I drive back down to a parking space near the bottom. I set off along the road then right and through the hamlet of Howtown. Passing the houses I continued up a narrow lane towards Fusedale but soon turned left along the access road to the large property of Mellguard.

Below Swarth Fell.
It didnít look like anyone had driven along it in a while and the house didnít looked lived in as all windows were curtained and no vehicles around. I went through the gate and started to follow the wet track. I soon saw surface box lids indicating itís the continuing route of the water pipeline I saw last week. My way was now steeply up the hillside to Swarth Fell.
Swarth Fell.

 Ullswater and  Hallin Fell to the left.
The snow had stopped but a thin layer of wet snow lay on the ground. Itís a good job Iím climbing up and descending this stuff would be tricky. The first part was steep & slippy but not too bad. The gradient eased at a large boulder where I saw some fox prints in the snow. Then it steeply up and old sunken way running diagonally up towards the high fell. After a zig zag at the top I reached the high path. It was very overcast and gloomy but I still had good views of Ullswater. I headed noth to Bonscale Pike then a short descent to the cairn called Bonscale Tower. I stopped to admire the views then started to descend to Swarth Beck. I took a minor path which took me to the west of Arthurís Pike and above Whinny Crag. It was a steep drop off so I needed to take extra care in the snow as I had a look at an odd shaped cairn.

Odd cairn on Barton Fell.

Rainbow from Barton Fell.

The path continued NE to White Knott but I decided to take a direct descent down to the lower track which I reached at the reservoir. It was wet and muddy in places but generally easy walking.

Information stone by the track.

Barn in Auterstone Wood.

Barn in Auterstone Wood.

I had a look at an old barn Auterstone Wood then continued to take a path down through a wet field to the Outdoor Centre. I crossed the road and walked to the ferry pier. Continuing along the shore path I climbed some steps to a higher path along the east side of Hallin Fell.

Howtown Pier.

Students from the Outdoor Centre.
I turned right to return to my cay. Before heading home I drove back up the The Hause in into Martindale to Henhow Farm. It was now raining but I took a couple of photos as the Google street view of 10 years ago shows the farm as a ruin.

Henhow Farm 2010.

Henhow Farm today in the rain.

Henhow Farm 2010.

Henhow Farm today in the rain.
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