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Mosedale, Rospow Hills, Carrock Fell, Round Knott, Lingy Hut, Grainsgill Beck, Cumbria.
[12.5 km]  Tue 09 Dec 2020

OS Grid ref:
Lat/Long: 54.679983,-3.005717

A dark drizzly drive to Cumbria. I arrived at Mosedale and parked on the grass by the road up to Swinside. It was overcast when I set off and the high fells were in cloud. I walked back to the village and headed north along the lane for just over a mile. I only saw one car the whole way.
Friends Meeting |House
My first objective is to find an old mine adit shown on the map on the north side of Carrock fell. There is a track shown on the map heading between the mine and a nearby sheep bield but no link to the road. I left the road before the ford and turned left onto the fell where I could see a track. It was incredibly wet in places and looked like trial motorbikes had used it. Eventually I got higher to the area called Rospow Hills and the track became more distinct and not too wet.
The mine entrance and spoil heap.
Up ahead I could see the sheepfold and the spoil heap for the mine. It was an easy walk up and there was a horse track leading to the mine. It is shown on the 1:25k map but not on the large scale 25in 1910 map. I often wonder how the miners know to dig in such a remote location at an altitude of 350m with no obvious geological features to indicate minerals. It was an excellent spot for views and would make a superb camp on the flat spoil heap but there was no running water nearby.
Cairn where the path reaches Carrock Fell

 Looking back to Carrock Fell summit cairn.
I ate my sandwiches and left to continue up the track. Towards the summit of Carrock ridge it became indistinct but still easy to follow. There was a lot of shallow wet snow around making the going difficult at times. I then turned west and found a lot of very wet and submerged ground making the path route impassable. I made a long detour to Round Knott where the path improved a bit. The rain started so I put leggings on to continue. The snow in the rutted path meant I had to walk through the adjacent heather.

 Looking up the River Caldew valley towards Skiddaw.

 Lingy Hut in the mist.
I reached the Lingy Hut and decided to make my descent directly down to Grainsgill Beck. I'd originally planned to go over Coomb Height but it was in cloud so I decided to do it another day.
Lingy Hut.

The descent was difficult due to wet slippery snow and even the exposed fell was difficult due to the wet.

Wet snow.

 Picnic by the mine.
Eventually I reached the track by the mine and saw a group of families with children out for an adventure. Where the mine entrance is under the road there were a couple of women and some children out having a picnic. I descended to have a brief chat explaining about the information board nearby which they had seen. I continued down the track to the road then just over a mile back to the car.
Puddle in the road.

 ILooking south to the ridge I descended last week.
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