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Mosedale, Calebreck, Sandbed Mine, Caldbeck Fell, Lingy Hut, Grainsgill, Cumbria.
[15.6 km]  Tue 30 Jun 2020

Lat/Long: 54.684152, -03.039614
OS Grid Ref: NY 33073 32619

Had a gloomy & drizzly drive north along the M6 then on to Mosedale, Cumbria. I have returned to investigate some new trails I haven't been on in the area. I reached the end of the one way road past Swinside to a grassy area where I usually park. As I expected there were no other cars. I set off around 8 am and walked back down the road to Mosedale.

Mosedale End Farm.
There were plenty of builders' vans and one large property being extensively renovated. I turned left to head north along the fairly featureless road to Calebreck. On the way I crossed Carrock Beck where I had to use the wooden footbridge as the ford was far too deep and even would have been too deep for my car. At Calebreck there is a parking area with 3 cars in it. I set off west along the old mine track. It wound around the northeast side of the fell and even with low cloud I could see north across the Caldbeck valley.
Carrock Beck ford & footbridge.

Looking back to Great Mell Fell
from Calebreck

Calebreck Common.
Passing Stony Bank I saw the extensive mine spoil heaps at Birket and on one of the tracks found a handy spot to sit and eat my lunch sandwiches. I was surrounded by the spoil heaps of the Sandbed Mine which is shown on the maps as being disused even in 1900.
Sandbed Mine spoil heaps.

I'd gone slightly off my planned route but found a minor grassy path that took me back to it. I was now climbing up the fell and crossed open ground to a series of fenced workings that are called shafts on the map. The barbed wire fence was quite substantial but I climbed over to have a closer look.

Mine workings.

The deep excavated groove had a sloping shaft at the bottom which continued down into the darkness. The weather continued overcast with wind and light drizzle. At the west end of the fence I joined the main path heading up to the Caldbeck Fells. I turned left onto the main path and soon saw an old spoil heap to my left so climbed up it to investigate.

Rubbish dumped in the middle of nowhere.
There had been an old heading into the mountain which was filled in, however a clear stream of mine drainage water was issuing out. It would make an excellent camping spot but the phone signal was weak. I rejoined the path south and climbed up to the pass at Hare Stones. I saw a couple of fell runners coming off High Pike and they shouted across as they passed to check all was OK. I continued south towards Great Lingy Hill and on to the Lingy Hut ahead. I stopped to have a look inside before starting my descent down the path directly below.

 The Lingy Hut.

 Grainsgill Mine.

 Looking back to Mosedale.
I could see down into Grains Gill and the mine workings way below. Lots of recent rain had made the slope quite wet and slippery. soI took extra care. Eventually I reached the mine information board and stopped to look into the mine Adit which can be seen under the road. It was a short walk down the old mine road back to my car.

 Mine adit c1943.

 The same entrance today.
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