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Mungrisdale, Souther Fell, Bannerdale East ridge, Bannerdale, Cumbria.
[12.3 km]  Tue 01 Sep 2020

OS Grid ref: NY 36162 30310
Lat/Long: 54.663811, -02.991205

Iíd originally planned to do today's walk tomorrow but the weather forecast today was much better so did some rushed preparation to the get map route sorted and then set off half an hour later than normal. The clear sky and low morning sun was shining through the right side of my car as I drove north along the M6 motorway and I had to have the sun visor correctly placed. I reached Mungrisdale and even though the verge parking to the south was clear I decided to park on the branch lane where parking is available at £2 for the day. I headed back along the lane then passing The Mill Inn noticed a new-ish footbridge across the River Glenderamackin to link the pub car park with the car park across from the village hall. A short way on was the Mungridale Community Wild Garden but I didnít stop to have a look.

The Mill Inn.

Community Wild Garden.

 Great Mell Fell with Little Mell Fell behind.
To get to the start of the path up Souther Fell I had to reach the road gate and turn right to follow a very wet and muddy path and follow a switchback. Although it was sunny the high ferns were very wet and my trousers were soon soaked. I wasn't too bothered as I knew the sun would dry them on the climb. The steep climb waas easy grass without encroaching ferns. Half way up I met a walker coming down. His accent sounded local and he didn't have a rucksack. The views east across to the Pennines were very impressive though a little hazy in the distance. The summit ridge of Souther Fell is mostly flat and runs for over a mile. The actual summit is just a small cairn but further on is a more substantial tall cairn on the west side with impressive views of Blencathra and Rannerdaledale. I stopped here for an early lunch. The path heads down to the top of Mousethwaite Comb where I descended the deep rutted path down to the footbridge across the River Glenderamackin. I followed the wide easy path down the deep valley to the north until I reached the base of the Bannerdale East Ridge.

 Souther Fell cairn with Blencathra & Sharp Edge in the background.

 Sharp Edge.

 Clough Head in the distance.
I turned up the ridge and followed the path to the 450m contour then left it to head right down the slope into Bannerdale. My objective was to check out the old mine workings and in the distance I could see the ruins of the old stone building that was the office and store. Before reaching it I checked out the very wet entrance to a mine level but it was too difficult to get in without getting a soaking.
The wet mine entrance.

Office & store.

Office & store.

I checked out the stone ruin of the office & store then climbed up the difficult slope above to investigate a cave shown on the map. It wasn't much of a cave and Iím not sure if I was at the right one. I descended wet ground to the north and climbed up to reach an old track along the side of the valley.

Looking out from the cave.
Eventually it joined the main track up towards Bowscales Fell. There were several people out enjoying the easy trail. I stopped to chat with a couple then further on met another couple who asked directions as they'd brought the wrong map. I descended to the bridge over Bullfell Beck and followed the stone slabs along the detoured path. I was soon back in Mungrisdale and my car.
Summit cairn Bannerdale Crags.
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