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Mosedale, Mungrisdale, Bannerdale East Ridge, Bowscale Fell, Swineside, Cumbria.
[12.3 km]  Wed 26 Aug 2020

OS Grid ref: NY 35719 31956
Lat/Long: 54.678543, -02.998431

After very heavy rain yesterday I was expecting the fells to be wet. The forecast for today was for overcast but when I arrived at Mosedale it was light rain. I parked in the laybye by the old Mosedale bridge over the River Caldew. I set off in full waterproofs heading south along the road to Mungrisdale.

 On the way to Mungrisedale.

Boundary stones.

Boundary stones.

 St Kentigern's
I was hoping to have a look inside St Kentigern’s Church but when I checked the door it was locked with a message saying it is only open for a weekly 11am service. I headed west along the track by the River Glenderamackin. Some years ago the path by the river had been washed away and a diversion across wet ground had been pegged out. I now found they had placed large stone slabs along the line of the diversion.
A telephone box that doesn't take money

Flagging for the footpath diversion.

Sagging flagging.
It looked fairly recent & when I did an on-line check the order was dated Nov 2019. They were easy to walk along but further up a few had started to sink into the mire and some boulders were needed as stepping stones. I crossed over the footbridge then followed the lower footpath to the south by the River Glenderamackin. That had also had sections washed away but there was no diversion so I had to do a lot of climbing down and up to get through. The whole fellside was running with water and it was difficult keeping out of the running water.
A very wet path.

Looking up Bannerdale East ridge.

Looking down Bannerdale East Ridge.
The cloud was low and I still couldn’t see my objective of Bannerdale Crags. I reached the ford at Bannerdale Beck and as expected it was impassable as the river was in spate. I walked upstream for a while until I reached a wide section where I could take my boots off and wade across without difficulty. I climbed out of the valley and joined the path heading up the ridge towards Bannerdale Crags. It is odd that the path isn’t shown on the O.S. map. The cloud had lifted a bit and I was able to see the whole ridge ahead. Higher up were old mine workings and a reasonable stony path winding through them. The whole area is very impressive even in bad light. In Wainwright’s ‘Northern Fells’ he refers to this route as the East Ridge and “a grand scramble in an impressive situation - a bit of real mountaineering.”

I reached the summit cairn and headed NW along the edge of Bannerdale Crags. In the distance I could see the rounded summit of Bowscale Fell but I had another stretch of wet ground to cross reach the final drier approach path.

Summit cairn Bannerdale Crags.

Over the top I continued north and the descent to the edge of the impressive bowl around Bowscale Tarn. Down by the tarn edge I could see a couple say by a boulder appearing to have their lunch break. They were the only people I’d seen all day.

Bowscale Tarn.

 Looking down to Mosedale.

I continued down then right along an old green track to the descent path by Tarn Sike. Eventually I reached the valley bottom by the River Caldew and the footbridge to the Roundhouse buildings. Then I was spoon on the road and an easy walk back to Mosedale and my car.

Footbridge near the Roundhouse.

 Crossing the old Mosedale Bridge.
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