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Lambfoot Dub, Corridor Route & descent via Styhead to Seathwaite, Cumbria.
[6.01 km]  Wed 01 Jan 2020

Spent the night camping above the Corridor Route Great End, Cumbria.
After a leisurely start I set off down towards Styhead Pass in clearing weather. I took my time in the descent as overnight drizzle had left the stoned path a bit slippery in places. At the Styhead stretcher box I could see people walking up the valley as I descended.

My tent before sunrise. Great Gable is in the background.

Looking across to Lingmell

Styhead Tarn below
Happy New Year greetings were exchanged every time I med someone. Before the last steep descent before Stockley Bridge I stopped for a while and a couple of backpackers came down the trail and we had a brief chat. They were a couple and looked like they had an ancient 2 person tent. They’d camped at Sprinkling Tarn and there were 3 other tent already there when they arrived yesterday. They continued down and I followed later. I reached my car and had an easy drive home.
Cairn below Styhead.

Fairy on the cairn

Stockley Bridge
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