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Sat 29 Jun 2024

This evening's walk in the rain revealed a picturesque view of the gate catch on the Preston Rd access path to the Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War Memorial. It was crafted by the late Joe Breen & is a legacy to his skills.
Sat 22 Jun 2024
We had a lovely sunny day today for the Clayton-le-Woods Summer Fair. It was great to see lots of families and children enjoying the many events and displays. Such as Pink Vintage, Wigan Ukulele Band, Chorley Air Cadets etc, etc. A big thanks to the organisers for all their hard work that goes into making such a spectacular event.

Wigan Ukulele Band.

Clayton-le-Woods Summer Fair.

Fire & Rescue now (2024) and then (Chorley’s first steam powered fire engine in 1900)

Fire & Rescue.

Chorley Air Cadets.

Chorley Air Cadets.

Battle of Bamber Bridge.

Afternoon bus ride to visit the commemoration of the Battle 0f Bamber Bridge.

24 Jun 1943 – 25 Jun 1943

Hob Inn.
Thu 20 Jun 2024
Set off on bike just after 4am to cycle up to Denham Hill for the summer solstice sunrise. There was a low clear patch of sky where I could briefly see the sun rising over Pendle. Due to growing bushes near the trig point obscuring the view I set my tripod up near the bunker.
It is the longest day with the sun being above the horizon for 17hr 04min

Solstice sunrise above Pendle Hill.

Solstice sunrise above Pendle Hill.

Denham Hill trig post just before sunrise.

Denham Hill trig post just before sunrise.

Strawberry Moon rise above Rivington Pike.
Mon 17 Jun 2024
Evening cycled to Brindle Historical Society to attend lecture by Prof Alan Rice on The Battle of Bamber Bridge 1943. There was an interesting drone hovering over the car park as the Drone Scan firm were trying to locate a missing dog. On the way home a nice sunset from High Cop, Brindle.

Battle 0f Bamber Bridge.
24th June 1943

Drone in the car park.

High Cop sunset on the way home.
Sun 16 Jun 2024

Plot 'H'.

Father's Day so cycled to Pleasington Crematorium to plot 'H'. Afternoon Jill called with cakes and Steve called with malt-loaf.

Father's Day cakes from Jill.
Sat 08 Jun 2024
Today Sat 8th June 2024 is “Dave Day” in celebration of the life of Dave Myers who died of cancer in Feb 2024 age 66. Dave was one half of the Hairy Bikers along with Si King and they had been presenting BBC cookery programmes for many years. They were also keen motorbikers. This morning around 20,000 bikers set off from London to ride to Dave’s home town of Barrow-in-Furness.

It was wonderful watching the huge crowds waving to the riders from the M6 motorway bridges on the way. The bikers then waved back. Dave was a very popular TV presenter and top cook.

First bikers arrive.

Spectators at Brownedge Rd.

M6 motorway

M6 heading north.
Thu 06 Jun 2024
This afternoon a service was held at the Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War Memorial to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Normandy landings. 70 people attended the service which was led by the Rev Philip Venables. Representatives from various groups and local schoolchildren were there along with the Chorley Silver Band.


Chorley Silver Band

Tue 04 Jun 2024

Sad to see the Withnell Fold Mill in
this terrible state after last years fire.
Sat 01 Jun 2024
It's been 45 years since Dad died so I called at Pleasington Crematorium to pay my respects. The Remembrance Book Room is closed at the weekend so I couldn’t see Dad’s page. There is an on-line view available but the quality is terrible.

Plot H

Opening times removed from the wall.

Pleasington Crematorium.

On-line version.

On-line version
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