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Boyd's photo diary.

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Wed 31 Jan 2024

Community Diagnostic Clinic

Dr Sharma

Dr Thind.
Afternoon called at the new Alimentary Solutions Community Diagnostic Clinic - Whittle Branch. They are private health but will be working with the National Health Service to try and get the endoscopy backlog down. They were officially opened this morning by the Mayor. Met the directors, Dr Sharma & Dr Thind. Also Sarah the Service manager.

Community Diagnostic Clinic

Community Diagnostic Clinic
Tue 30 Jan 2024
St John's School students at Chorley Old Road, Whittle-le-Woods.

Pupils from St John's Primary School at Moss Bridge.

Pupils from St John's Primary School at the Millstone Monument.
Sat 27 Jan 2024

Horwich Heritage Centre.
I attended the Horwich Heritage Centre for the opening of the Winter Hill Air Crash Exhibition by the Mayor of Horwich Cllr David Grant. The Winter Hill air disaster occurred on Thu 27 February 1958 & I remember it well even though I was only a schoolboy at the time. A Silver City Airways Bristol 170 Freighter on a charter flight from the Isle of Man to Manchester crashed during heavy snow into Winter Hill. Thirty-five people died and seven were injured, the cause was determined to be navigational errors. The exhibition shows many photos and newspaper reports of the time. The centre also has many other exhibits especially relating to the Horwich Loco Works. The exhibition is on until the 15th Feb 2024.

Fri 25 Jan 2024
Bus ride to Preston.

Lancashire County Council building.

Art frieze on the Harris Museum building.
Thu 25 Jan 2024

Heating boiler service by George of GR Gas.
Wed 24 Jan 2024

Saturday's elbow wound has scabbed over nicely.
Tue 23 Jan 2024
Windy and rainy drive to Grange-over-Sands to do a gig for the Grange Forum.

Grange Forum.
Mon 22 Jan 2024

Chorley Photographic Society this evening.
Sun 21 Jan 2024

Cleaned up elbow wound from last night's bike crash.
Sat 20 Jan 2024

Quercia landfill is now a mountain.

Site of Clayton Hall.

Clayton Hall around 1900.
Fri 19 Jan 2024
11am met Paul O’Gorman of BBC Radio Lancashire to do some more interviews for “Hidden Lancashire”. We started at the Cow Well steps, then the new Whittle Surgery then via Watkin Road to the Lower Kem Mill printworks site.

Paul on Cow Well steps.

Paul at the Lower Kem Mill site.
A bit of overnight snow looked rather nice as I wandered through Whittle-le-Woods on my morning walk

Kem Mill Ln / Chapel Fold.

Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War Memorial.
Thu 18 Jan 2024
Today I said goodbye to my great friend Jack Brennan (1932 - 2024). Family and many friends turned out on a cold clear morning at Hillside Church, Brinscall to attend the funeral & celebrate the life of Jack. I posted some notes in early January stating that Jack, age 91, contracted a chest infection before Christmas and wasn’t able to recover. He died peacefully in his sleep on Tue 2nd Jan 2024. Our friendship started almost 60 years ago with our common love of cycling. Jack’s passions were also with his family, football and his beloved Blackburn Rovers. He was one of Britain's top racing cyclists during the 1950s but he rarely spoke of his epic rides. During the 1960s Jack worked hard promoting cycle races & getting funding to run them. At the service were family tributes that gave me more information about the great family man, husband, father and grandfather he was. Thanks Jack for being a good friend to so many people.

Hillside Church, Brinscall.

Jack's bike with race number 65 in the 1958 Milk Race Tour of Britain.

Jack's coffin with his treasured Blackburn Rovers scarf.

Jack Brennan age 91 (1932 - 2024)

Racing up a serious climb during one of Jack's many races.

Jack's club record with Blackburn Eagles Cycling Club.
50 miles in 2hr 4min 40sec, 7th Sep 1955.

Jack and friend on tour.

Audrey & Jack on holiday.
Mon 15 Jan 2024
Congratulations to Wikipedia. The amazing on-line encyclopaedia of almost everything is 23 years old today. Formally opened on Mon 15th January 2001 "Wikipedia Day"

Wikipedia Day

Aerial view of the Clayton Hall landfill site.
Fri 12 Jan 2024
Last year I watched a trailer for the new film ‘The Beekeeper’. It stars Jason Statham so I knew it would be a litany of violence but the plotline intrigued me. Jason is a traditional beekeeper who is close friends with an old lady who lets him use her land and outbuildings for his hives and bees. The lady is the financial custodian of a children's charity and when a virus warning window popped up on her computer she was instructed to phone a helpline number. The next part of the story concerns the real life scamming of old and vulnerable people. It now became personal for me, as a close family member was scammed a few years ago and I found the bank unhelpful and obstructive as I tried to sort the problem.
The old lady is skilfully tricked into logging on and giving them access to her computer to sort the problem. Once in, the scammer gets access to her pension and $ 2 million dollar charity fund. They are a networked scamming organisation and extract all her funds. When she sees all the accounts are empty she is so upset she shoots herself.
Jason finds her body and the FBI arrives. Jason’s real identity is a retired ‘Beekeeper’ who are off-grid special agents trained to protect the hive ‘government’. What follows is mostly predictable but an interesting comparison of Police & Jason’s methods.

FBI agent: We have laws to deal with this kind of thing.
The Beekeeper: And when the laws don't work you have me.


Visit to bootshop in Whalley.

Altberg boot. 
Thu 11 Jan 2024

Morning visit to Clowes Methodist Church and Orrell Gentlemens Club
to give presentaiton.

Clowes Methodist Chuch Pemberton and original drawings dated 1911 hanging on wall.

Wed 10 Jan 2024

Visit to Radcliffe PROBUS to give presentaion.

Morning walk by Summerseat on way to Radcliffe.

Peel Tower above Ramsbottom.

Munchmallows for tea!
Some 1954 nostalgia.
Munchmallows for tea!
On with the kettle. Out with the cups. We've got Munchmallows for tea! Lush milk chocolate, crispy biscuit, the squashiest mallow ever.
Gosh, how we love Munchmallows!
Good, wholesome Munchmallows. Mother trusts their tip-top quality, knows they're crammed with energy-giving sugar. So come on children, gobble them up! 2½d
Sat 06 Jan 2024

Sunset while walking off the moor.

The clear afternoon and low sun was ideal for taking an aerial photo of the line of old lead mine bell shafts on Anglezarke Moor north of the Manor House. On the way down I was treated to a very nice sunset. There are similar lead mines near Drinkwaters farm ruin near Great Hill.

The waning crescent Moon setting over Whittle-le-Woods this morning.
Fri 05 Jan 2024

A morning trip on the bus to Bolton.

Bolton Town Hall 

2008 statue of Fred

Fred Dibnah (1938 - 2004)
Thu 04 Jan 2024
As the lights will soon be taken down I thought it would be nice to take an aerial snap of the Christmas Tree on Waterhouse Green, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancs

Waterhouse Green.
Tue 02 Jan 2024
A rainy walk to Jack's old garden to take some photos of his stone carvings.

Jack's garden.

Amazing carving.

Memorial to Rose.
Mon 01 Jan 2024
New Year's Day camp on Hurst Hill, Anglezarke.

Chorley skyline from Hurst Hill.

Chorley skyline fireworks.

Winter Hill masts.

New Year's Day camp.

Old lead mines on the walk out.
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