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Boyd's photo diary.

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Sat 30 Mar 2024
A rainy evening bike ride then nice views of the M65 from Marsh Lane Bridge.


Fri 29 Mar 2024
Waning Moon from Kem Mill Lane.
Thu 28 Mar 2024
Yesterday the old Bus Stop at St John's (Bay Horse) northbound was replaced with a new steel one.
Wed 27 Mar 2024
Walked up Walmersley Old Rd to Nangreaves to take aerial photos.

Walmersley / Mount Pleasant.

Walmersley, Peel Tower in the distance.

Last workers.

Captain Nangreaves house. 
Tue 26 Mar 2024
Afternoon gig at Mawdesley Village Hall to U3A Photo group.

Sun 24 Mar 2024
Rail, Canal & M65 motorway at Gannow.
Fri 22 Mar 2024
This morning 9:30am is the unveiling of the Navvies Memorial at Rivington. Set off on bike and called at Wheelright at Cowling but they were closed. Next door was a car refurbishing firm seemed to specialise in Minis. Got as far as Weaver’s Brow and had rear wheel puncture. Replaced inner tube then just got to Knowsley Embankment in time. Derek Cartwight there and Sir Lindsay Hoyle M.P. for Chorley cut the ribbon. Matthew Upton and also Paul from UU there. Roy Davies fabricated the memorial.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle M.P.

Derek Cartwright
& Sir Lindsay Hoyle.
Mon 18 Mar 2024
Cycled to Brindle Historical Society.
John Weshead - The Man who Shod Warhorses by Martin James.

Death Plaque. He Died for Freedom and Honour
Sun 17 Mar 2024
An open day at the Brindle ROC (Royal Observer Corps) bunker on Denham Hill

Sat 16 Mar 2024
Searching for the Langden Culvert,

Pipebridge crossing the River Loud.

Culvert Bridge, Greystoneley Brook.
Fri 15 Mar 2024
Sundown on Marsh Lane Brindle.
Wed 13 Mar 2024
Stuart Whalley died today. He found the Tockholes hoard that is now in Blackburn Museum.

Stuart with the Tockholes hoard of silver pennies he found in 1973.

Stuart Whalley
(17th July 1933 - 2024)
Mon 11 Mar 2024
I Walked to Jack's to take more photos of his carvings and drawings.

Frank, Heather, Gwen.


Jack at Black Coppice. 

Fri 08 Mar 2024
I recently heard a broadcast on Radio Lancashire about Frederick Kempster, the Blackburn Giant. I knew nothing about him or where his grave was so this morning (Fri 8th Mar 2024) I set off on my bike to search for his grave in Blackburn Old Cemetery. It was on the highest point and easy to find as it is 10ft long.
Frederick Kempster (1889–1918) was an English showman, renowned for his extreme height and also known as the English Giant or Blackburn Giant. He was 7 ft 9.3 in (2.37 m) tall. He died in Blackburn in 1918 at the age of 29 and a newspaper article at the time said:
“He was conveyed to the cemetery in a hearse, the back of which had been taken off. Ten tons of earth had been excavated from the grave, which was ten feet in length, and 14 men were required to lower the coffin.”

Frederick Kempster (1889–1918) 

Frederick John Kempster.

One of the tallest men in England.

Called to visit my old school friend Martyn Cragg in his workshop. 
Thu 07 Mar 2024
Peel Tower from Grant's Tower.
Mon 04 Mar 2024
Cycled to Chorley and had a look in Ambios Cafe to see Chorley Photographic Society Exhibition. 3 of my prints there but no captions or titles on mine.

My picture botom left.

My picture botom left.
Sun 03 Mar 2024

The new Navvies Memorial at Rivington

Knowley Embankment.
This morning's view of the Waning Moon setting over Whittle-le-Woods.

On way home called at White Coppice Nursery Cafe for coffee and cake. First ride with 22 inner ring and seemed to work OK.
Sat 02 Mar 2024

Fitted smaller inner chainring 22 down from 26 for Van Nichilas bike
This morning's view of the Waning Moon setting over Whittle-le-Woods.
Fri 01 Mar 2024
This morning’s ‘Now and Then’ view looking south along Preston Rd., Whittle-le-Woods. The ‘Then’ photo was early 1930s showing the Hill’s Cafe (Tearooms) building. The same building is now Alimentary Solutions working with the NHS Endoscopy Insourcing Service.

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