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Wed 28 Feb 2024

I’ve walked along the cobbled Walmersley Old Road above Bury a few times and passed the stone cottages at Mount Pleasant. I stopped to investigate further and have a look at the site where the old Cotton Mill was. Weaving began with a new mill in 1820 and continued up to the decline of the cotton industry in the area. It closed in the early 1940s but later reopened because of the high quality of its fabrics. It finally closed in 1965 and the mill buildings were demolished in 1983. Most of the workers' cottages still remain and the stone from the mill was used to build new homes on the same site.

Fred Astaire with Lancashire shirt & waistcoat in Top Hat 1935. 
In the late 1930s the mill was nicknamed Top Hat Mill. The reason was that the high quality material was used to make the waistcoats and shirts for Fred Astaire and other male dancers in the 1935 film Top Hat.

Mount Pleasant map 1893.

Mount Pleasant in 1910. The mill is gone but the cottages remain.

Mount Pleasant built from reclaimed stone.

Mount Pleasant built from reclaimed stone.
Sat 24 Feb 2024

Today's full ‘Snow’ Moon seen over Whittle-le-Woods
Tue 20 Feb 2024
An evening visit to Warrington Photographic Society to give my Three Centuries of Photography presentation.

Sat 17 Feb 2024

Disused culvert by the River Irwell.

Inside the culvert.
Fri 16 Feb 2024

A view of Hill's Cafe on the A6 c1930s

The same view Feb 2024.

Hill's delivery van early 1950s

Hill's Biscuit Bread.
Tue 13 Feb 2024
Really sad to hear of the death of Steve Wright yesterday at the age of 69.

Steve Wright (26 Aug 1954 - Mon 12 Feb 2024)
Sun 11 Feb 2024

A misty and atmospheric morning in Whittle-le-Woods
Another visit to Jack's garden to photograph some of his carvings.

The Mossy Stone 1864.


Sat 03 Feb 2024

Birthday camp by Jack's hut.

Trekking up to birthday camp.
A stop by Joe's Cup

Birthday Party.
Fri 02 Feb 2024
Bus ride to preston.

On the bus in Preston.

Preston queue for hot potatoes.
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