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Thu 30 Nov 2023

Afternoon at St Bede;s primary School to make inventory of some of their old record diary books going back to 1870.
They are proposing to hand them over to Lancashire Archives.

Exercise book of Willie Southworth
dated 1900. (see below)
The old Caretaker of the School, Hubert Kane, was the one who found this exercise book and has made these notes, and each year while he was still caretaker, he used to tell the top class about the find and show them the grave. I think you will be interested this coming Feb 8th., or near to it.
In 1901 on the 8th Feb during the dinner break, two of the younger boys went up the road towards Preston as far as the path leading to Homestead where the Traffic Crossing lights are now. Just off the road was a pit, covered with ice. The boys went on to it, but was not strong enough and they fell through and were drowned.
It was only when the Register was called for afternoon school that they were missed. A search was started and eventually they were found in the pit. They were buried together in one grave shortly after. It would have been a very sad Mass in Church that day. The boys were PERCY BAXENDALE aged 8 and WILLIAM SOUTHWORTH AGED 10. There is no stone on the grave but it is close to the steps leading up from the Old Cemetery behind the Old School into the new Cemetery. (We go up these steps in our May Procession and Blessed Sacrament Procession.) It is just to the left before you reach the steps.
30 years ago, the old Caretaker found an old exercise book in the had fallen through a gap between the floor and the wall, and it has the name Willie Southworth on it. And the date 1900. He would have been using this book the morning he was drowned.

A cold bike ride via Horrobin Farm, Riley Green,
Hoghton where the lights are now on.
Wed 29 Nov 2023

It was cold (-4decC) & clear for my morning walk in Whittle-le-Woods 

The waning moon from Kem Mill Lane.

Mon 27 Nov 2023
The full 'Beaver' Moon seen from Whittle-le-Woods this evening
Mon 27th Nov 2023, 22:00.
Technical info: Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 600mm 1/1000s f8 ISO 400.
Sun 26 Nov 2023
Afternoon making copies of old trek prints by photographic them.

Line of the old Harwood Loop railway near Rosegrove.
Sat 25 Nov 2023
A great turn out for tonight’s big switch on of the Clayton-le-Woods Christmas Tree Lights. A big thanks to the organisers and Just Giorge for her excellent singing & entertaining on a cold dark night.

Clayton-le-Woods Christmas Tree. 

Clayton-le-Woods Christmas Tree. 

Just Giorge

Walking home say a halo around the moon.


The Whittle-le-Woods Christmas Tree is now up on Waterhouse Green. Big thanks to Carvers Trees. Next job is to fix the lights ready for the big switch on Sun 3rd Dec 2023 at 6pm
Thu 23 Nov 2023

Van from International Aid, Pall Mall, Chorley called to take away my old (new last Year) fridge.

Last year's fridge.
Wed 22 Nov 2023
Sony at Wex Manchester.

Afternoon drive to Wex Video Manchgester to trade in Sigma 150-600 lens for new Sony RX10 IV

Sony RX10 IV
Sat 18 Nov 2023

Buckhurst Old School.
Now a private house.

Buckhurst Lodgeside cafe.
Fri 17 Nov 2023
Dappled light under an M65 bridge over the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.
Thu 16 Nov 2023
I enjoyed an evening at the Chorley Theatre where Bridget Christie performed her stand-up show ‘Who Am I?’. She covered many topics including life, bringing up her children and the menopause. It takes skill to make those funny. It also takes a lot of stamina to perform the show on an almost daily basis all over the UK on her 3 month tour. She is doing 2 sell-out nights at Chorley and the only other 2 show venue was Norwich.
Chorley Theatre.
It was the first time at Chorley Theatre that the show was simultaneously transcribed by the stenographer Claire Hill and the text displayed in real time on a screen at the side of the stage. This was for those with hearing problems.

Bridget Christie.

Bridget Christie.
This morning I had my usual 6 monthy dental checkup at Whittle Dental Practice. My dentist there is Dr David Melia but sadly this is the last time he will be checking my teeth. David retires in a few weeks and his original partner Chris Reid retired a few weeks ago. They set up Whittle Dental Practice over 30 years ago and the new owner will be Dr. Christos Anagnostou who is another dentist.
Dr David Melia.

Dr David Melia

X-ray check on my teeth.
Wed 15 Nov 2023

New gas cooker & fridge freezer.

First meal on my new gas cooker.
Mon 13 Nov 2023
Evening cycled to Chorley Photo Society. Emily was the model who was a professional ballet dancer in Czech Republic and now a dance instructor in Manchester.
Sun 12 Nov 2023
Today’s Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods Remembrance Sunday procession and service was held under an overcast sky after heavy rain. Fortunately the rain stopped as many people turned up for the service by the War Memorial to remember the sacrifice made by those in previous wars and conflicts. The procession was held along the footpath and afterwards in St John’s Church for hot drinks and biscuits.
St John's schoolyard.

Procession along the footpath.

Refreshments in St John's Church.
Sat 11 Nov 2023

Early morning visit to the Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War memorial. Schoolchildren had laid wreaths yesterday.

Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War Memorial

At 11am several turned up for the 2 minute silence.

A sunny autumnal morning by the memorial and the oak tree.

St John's Church.
Thu 09 Nov 2023

Gunnerkeld Stone circle by the M6 between Penrith and Shap.
Raining and very overcast
Sat 04 Nov 2023
Early afternoon cycled to the Denham Hill R.O.C. bunker to meet Michael at 1pm to measure and make template of the Ground Zero Indicator graduated sheets.

Michael at the entrance.

Inside the bunker.

Making a template of the Ground Zero Indicator graduated sheet.

Had a brew before I left.
Fri 03 Nov 2023

Jack’s Celtic Cross near the site of St Helen’s Well.

The Dog Inn is now closed.
Thu 02 Nov 2023

Bobbin Mill Tunnel on the railway path Threlkeld - Keswick.

Keswick Railway Station.
Keswick Lads off to the Fort 14th Sep 1914.
Wed 01 Nov 2023

An evening visit to give a presentation to Garstang Camera Club.

Venue is the Garstang Arts Centre in the Old Grammas School.
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