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Sun 26 Feb 2023

Drove to White Coppice for 9am to meet Tenene then others turned up for ‘A Step into the Wild’ group guided walk. I did the history bit and we set off about 9:20am to walk up The Gorge etc.

Graffiti in Brinscall wood.

Sat 25 Feb 2023

Jack & Jason.
Fri 24 Feb 2023

It's always good to see Martin Wall out on his Mobile Greengrocer round. Here he is in Lower Wheelton

Martin Wall.

Mon 20 Feb 2023

Greenhouse base.
Sun 19 Feb 2023

Evening bike ride through Brindle with Jupiter and Venus above.

Aftermath of the Withnell Fold Mill fire yesterday.

The stocks in Withnell Fold, Chorley are the original Withnell stocks that were located by the A674 Chorley Rd. across from Oakmere Ave. The position is shown on the 1848 edition ordnance Survey map. Sometime later in the century they were moved to the yard of Stocks Cottages. In 1958 they were moved again to their current position by the square in Withnell Fold Village. In the same year on 24th April 1958 the adjacent Garden of Remembrance was dedicated to the memory of those who served and gave their lives in two world wars.
Sat 18 Feb 2023

The greehouse base is cast.

Early morning walk along the A6.
Fri 17 Feb 2023

Preparing the greenhouse base formwork.
Wed 15 Feb 2023

Building as wall around the rockery.
Tue 14 Feb 2023

Placing stone behind the wall.
Mon 12 Feb 2023

Digging out, placing underpinning bars and casting for reinforced concrete beam

Sat 11 Feb 2023

Jason wall building on his own today.
Fri 10 Feb 2023

Building sand & cement arrive.

Limestone drainage behind the wall.

The 2nd skip is taken away.

Another skip is left.

An evening walk from Chorley to try chips from the Railway Road chippy. Good but not many chips.
Thu 09 Feb 2023

Starting the wall.

concrete foundation.


Getting higher & props to hold the muck back.
Wed 08 Feb 2023

The wall foundation is laid and steel fitted.

Tue 07 Feb 2023

Day two in the garden.

The first skip is now full and being taken away

A late morning bus trip into Preston. the Harris Museum is covered in cladding needed for the extensive repairs.

Theodolite to check the levels

Pneumatic drill to cut out the concrete.
Mon 06 Feb 2023
Started work in the garden.

Two skips arrive.

Digging out.

Digging out.

Digging out.
Sun 05 Feb 2023

A cold clear morning in Whittle-le-Woods and a good view of the full Snow Moon.

Andy delivered mini-digger ready for Jaason to start on my terrace and steps tomorrow.
Decided to try a new plastic saddle so swapped for for the Brooks B17 on my Van Nicholas bike.

Brooks B17.

New plastic saddle
Sat 04 Feb 2023

Drinkwater's Farm ruin. Walking home from my birthday camp.

Walking home from my birthday camp. Marsden's Farm ruin.
Fri 03 Feb 2023

Dean called at 14:50 pm and we drove to Charnock Richard Crematorium for funeral of cousin David Wilding. Then to St Mary’s Devonshire Road for get together.

David Harry Wilding
(3 Jun 1953 - 12 Jan 2023) 

One of David's amazing models.

Charnock Richard Crematorium.
Its my Birthday:
Dean drove me home where I changed into walking clothes then on to White Coppice with rucksack & camping kit. I then walked though the dark up to Great Hill and camping spot by Jack’s shelter

Birthday camp near Great Hill.

My birthday meal included haggis. They didn't have any tinned at Booths so I had to get fresh from brown's Butchers and precook it. It wasn't as good as the tinned variety.
Wed 01 Feb 2023
Walkers on the moorland path between White Coppice and Great Hill may have noticed a brass plaque on a wall near Drinkwater’s Farm ruins. It reads ‘Joe’s Cup’ and is adjacent to a freshwater spring running into a trough. It commemorates Joe Whitter (1939 - 1991) who was a ultra-distance runner with Wigan Phoenix Running Club, a brewery delivery man and very funny Wiganer.
Joe's Cup. 
He developed a brain tumour in 1990 and died a few months later at the age of 52. He often ran or cycled up past Drinkwater’s ruins very early. His clubmates fixed the plaque shortly after his death and his cup was hidden in a recess in the wall. Today’s cup is not the original as that was blue. I suspect it was stolen and someone replaced it with the current cup. At the club's memorial run in Dec 2007 Alex Turnbull read out a poem he’d written to remember Joe:

Climbing, climbing this scenic spot,
Our fellowship means such a lot.
Reaching, reaching this wondrous place;
Effort worth more than any race.

Joe's Cup, Joe's Cup: we love Joe's Cup,
Brimful of water which we sup;
Breathing, breathing this enriched air;
A special moment all can share.

Running, Running our common link:
A treasured Time to stop and think.
Memories, memories come flooding back:
So much into our lives we pack.

Stillness, stillness, countryside sound,
Enjoying the peace all around.
Standing, standing close to the mast
Rememb'ring runners of the past.

The man, the man whose name the Cup,
A lively spirit always up.
Training, training often this way,
Joe thrived in these fells on display.

Great Hill, Great Hill ahead she stands
Part of the wide world in our hands.
Return, return, our strength renewed
This hill time for the greater good.

Joe's cup plaque.

Jack's shelter near Great Hill.
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