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Boyd's photo diary.

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Mon 30 Jan 2023
Whittle Milltones Monument, Chorley Old Road, Whittle-le-Woods.
Comparing the snowy view 10 years ago in late Jan 2013 and today, Mon 30th Jan 2023. The millstones were reclaimed locally and erected on behalf of Whittle Parish Council in July 1985.

Mon 30th jan 2023.

26th Jan 2013.
Thu 26 Jan 2023

Morning view of Dunalasatair Water, Scotland. 
Sun 22 Jan 2023

Drove to Withnell Fold to take some aerial photos of the Mill site.

Lady Hall Farm with new barn extension and doorway stone arch removed and replaced from Denham Springs Printworks.

Pete and Jill called to cart away my old Mini 850cc engine thats been in the garage since 1987.
Fri 20 Jan 2023

Called to see Dave Lewis and Nora in Leyland for a chat and also collect some of his negatives so I can try and digitise some.
Thu 19 Jan 2023
Out with the drone to take this photo of the Kem Mill allotments on Factory Lane.
Tue 17 Jan 2023
Morning visit to Grange Forum Group in the United Reformed Church hall, Kents bank rd.
Sun 15 Jan 2023
A dark rainy walk along Factory lane, Whittle-le-Woods. It was interesting to compare the sodium lights of 5 years ago with todays LEDs.

Mon 15th Jan 2018

Sun 15th Jan 2023

Factory Lane this morning.

New water main on Dawson Lane.

Afternoon cycle ride along Dawson Lane to check on the road closure and the new 355mm 10 bar blue polyethylene water pipe that is being laid from Bucksahw and seems to be going as far as the Clayton Hall Quercia site entrance.
Thu 12 Jan 2023
Iíve been asked to help out with a local history walk in Feb above White Coppice and over the moors to Brinscall. This morning (Thu 12th Jan 2023) I did a reconnoitre of the route to check if the paths are accessible. Most were except one section that was blocked with fallen trees. Iíll find a way round. I was lucky to miss most of the rain.

Sunrise at the ruins of Coppice Stile House.

Cattle byre by Blackhurst Hall ruins.

Byre interior through the bars.
Thu 05 Jan 2023


A visit to Lancashire Archives, Bow Lane, Preston for a meeting about Crowdfunding.
Wed 04 Jan 2023

Aerial (drone) view of Denham Springs Printworks Chimney. 

Called at the Chorley Council Bengall Street depot to check that they still had the Earl of Beaconsfield statue plinth. It is still there and looking rather grim.
Tue 03 Jan 2023
Aerial (drone) view of Lower Kem Mill Printworks ruins.
Sun 01 Jan 2023
First camp of 2023 on Hurst Hill with a view of the midnight fireworks.

Just before setting off on Sun 01st Jan 2023 the rain stopped and the sun came out. 
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