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Tue 27 Jun 2023

The path connection between Kem Mill Ln and Factory Ln has now been tarmaced

The cattle grid on Sandy Ln Brindle has been partly repaired.

The grid on Sat 10th June 2023.

Sat 24 Jun 2023
Today Sat 24th June 2023 Withnell Fold is 180 years old. The Lancashire village and adjacent Paper Mill were built by Thomas Blinkhorn Parke (1823–1885) during 1843 then completing the mill to be in full production by Jan 1844. Thanks to his diary we have several accurate dates including the completion of the first house. He wrote:
“…put the Acorn…on the first house in beautiful weather…June 24, 1843”
The acorn can be seen on the apex of number 1.
Withnell Fold acorn.

Train to York then cycled south to old Burn Airfield near Saelby.
A WW2 photo at the same location. 578 Squadron.
Fri 23 Jun 2023

Local history walk for school children.
Thu 22 Jun 2023

At last, the hedge between St Johns School and the River Lostock at Factory Lane has been cut.
Wed 21 Jun 2023
Today is the Summer Solstice and longest day. I cycled to Denham Hill, Brindle in the morning hoping to watch the sunrise over Pendle Hill. Unfortunately there was too much cloud. I returned later in the day to watch the sun setting into the Irish Sea. The masts in the photo are the Inskip Transmitter Station 17 miles away. Inskip is a high frequency transmitter operated by the Ministry of Defence Communications Service. Before 2003 it was operated by the Royal Navy. The tallest 4 masts are 180m (590ft) high.

Sunrise but no sun. 



Tue 20 Jun 2023

Bonet badge off my old Mini Van.
Mon 19 Jun 2023

First rain in a long time.

Evening at brindle Historical Society doing my Photo Journey into the Past gig.
Sun 18 Jun 2023

Father's day so cycled to plot H at Pleasington Crematorium.

Pleasington Crematorium 
Sat 17 Jun 2023
This morning residents of Whittle-le-Woods (Sat 17th June 2023) gathered on Birchin Lane and Hill Top Lane to demonstrate their objections to the Story Homes housing project on Hill Top Lane. The ancient and narrow Hill Top Lane is surrounded by rolling green fields and the project would obliterate most of it. Over 110 people, both old and young, turned up to protest. Big thanks to Wendy for organising it.

Hill Top Lane, Whittle-le-Woods, Story Homes Housing Development protest. 

Hill Top Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.

Hill Top Lane, Whittle-le-Woods, Story Homes Housing Development protest. 
Wed 14 Jun 2023

Back in Scotland. The house used by General Wade 1733 in Weem.
Sun 11 Jun 2023

First attempt at sprits.
Sat 10 Jun 2023
Drove to Ribchester for the Lancashire Local History Federation Conference ‘At Home’ with Ribchester Local History Society.

10am presentation by Dr Jim Morris about the Ribchester Archaeological Excavations.
11;30am Sir Peter Openshaw on St Saviours Stydd history and myth of Catholic martyr Margaret Clitherow.

Modern column

Ribchester Village Hall.

Carbon dating.

Ribchester Village Hall.

St Saviours, Stydd.

Margaret Clitherow
Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Margaret Clitherow, martyr.

Julie at the Bath House.

St Wilfrid's Church.

Cremation Urn in the museum.

Tombstone of Asturian Cavalryman.
Sun 04 Jun 2023

St Peter's Club, Eaves Ln is now demolished.

New memorial bench at White Coppice.

Memorial to Mark Higgins 
Wide view drone photo ofWhite Coppice cricket field.
Sat 03 Jun 2023

It is just over 220 years since the Lancaster Canal network reached Whittle-le-Woods when the first barge passed through Whittle Tunnels on its way to Walton Summit on Wed 1st June 1803. The 200th anniversary was celebrated in 2003 when Whittle's own Cllr Eric Bell, unveiled a plaque on Moss Bridge (Duke Bridge) Chorley Old Rd.

Eric's plaque from 2003.
I thought I’d celebrate with a bike ride to Walton Summit which is now an open grassed area where 220 years ago barges would terminate and transfer their cargo to a horse drawn tramway to Preston. The summit basin was still a canal 60 years ago when I was a lad and we’d often enjoy walks there. Today few people know about its important place in our heritage. The Leeds & Liverpool Canal was completed 13 years later in 1816 at Whittle springs.

Moss Bridge (Duke Bridge) Whittle-le Woods where the first barge passed through on Wed 1st June 1803. 

Walton Summit Canal basin area today. 

Walton Summit Basin 1963 
With the ‘Custom Maps’ app on my phone I was able to load the 1894 map of the canal basin and see the green arrow showing where I was standing. It’s where I stood 60 years ago to photograph my brother and cousin on the wall.
Thu 01 Jun 2023
I’d gone for an early start for today’s Cumbria walk so I could get back to Pleasington Crematorium and the Book of Remembrance as today is 44 years since Dad died. I’d checked the Crematorium website that said the room was open until 4pm. It’s a good job I’d gone for an early start as when I got there a notice on the wall said the room was only open till 3pm since Jan this year. I was there in time and able to pay my respects.
Pleasington Crematorium 
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