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Boyd's photo diary.

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Thu 31 Aug 2023

Afternoon drive to Horwich Heritage Centre for talk by Derek Cartwright about 175 years of Rivington Reservoirs.

Waiting room

Wed 30 Aug 2023

A visit to Summerseat railway Station - Steam Engine 34072_257Squadron
Mon 28 Aug 2023

Wishing a very Happy 90th Birthday to Cllr Eric Bell, a great friend of mine and best friend to Whittle-le-Woods. Eric has done more for the community than anyone else I know.
A morning walk across Brinscall & Heapey Moors to visit some of the new information boards by the ruins.

Ratten Clough

Botany Bay (Summer House) 


In Brinscall Woods.
Sun 27 Aug 2023

Eric's 90th Birthday Party in Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall. It's one day early as Eric's Birthday is tomorrow.

Sat 26 Aug 2023
Whittle-le-Woods Flower, Craft & Vegetable Show.


The Annual Awards.

The Pikestones.

The Pikestones.
Drove to Jepson’s Gate and walked via Pikestones to meet Wigan Archaeological Society group and the Howich group with Derek Cartwright and Garry from Horwich Heritage They walked the other way and I met them at the track by Yates’ well site. Walked back via Pikestones
Tue 22 Aug 2023

Robertosn's Graveyard.

Clan Chief's Burial Site

George Duncan Robertson.

I enjoyed a wander through the grounds around Dunalastair House to the east of Kinloch Rannoch. The house was completed in 1859 but is now just a ruin of towering walls and collapsed timber interior. There are three graveyard enclosures nearby mostly containing graves of the Roberson family. The eastern enclosure seems to hold the oldest and the highest grave enclosure is marked by a large celtic cross surrounded by an iron fence. I was pleased to see that the undergrowth had been cut back to expose the cross base and inscriptions.

In loving memory of Capt Frank Lewis de Sales la Terriere 5th January 1933.
Mon 21 Aug 2023
In Scotland to do some walking.

Above Dalnaspidal.

Small loch to the north of Leitreach summit
Sut 20 Aug 2023

A morning drive to Scotland to do some walking
Sat 19 Aug 2023

A welcome visitor to my garden this morning.
Fri 18 Aug 2023

Morning visit to Euxto Hall Hospital to have dressing changed on right foot.

Waiting room

Euxton Hall Hospital.
Mon 14 Aug 2023

A dark rainy morning walk along Kem Mill Lane.
Sun 13 Aug 2023
A history walk from Martland Mill Bridge with Wigan Archaeological Society

Crossing the Canal

Old Coal tub at Crooke.

Jim Meehan was the leader.
Sat 12 Aug 2023

Cycle ride via Coupe Green to visit the wooden footbridge over the River Darwen.
Fri 11 Aug 2023
A cycle ride to Adlington Old School and Shevington Old School to check out the buildings and similar datestones.

Adlington Old School with 1815 datestone.

This school for pious & useful learning
Was built by voluntary subscription.
In the year of our Lord 1815
R. P. R.

This school for pious & useful learning
Was built by voluntary subscription.
In the year of our Lord 1814
R. P. R.

Shevington Old School 1814.
Thu 09 Aug 2023

The first time I've seen Rockvilla Road, Whittle-le-Woods without cars.
Wed 09 Aug 2023

A visit to Abbott Glass Chorley to get some glass cut.
Sat 05 Aug 2023
An interesting east view across Whittle-le-Woods taken from the Greenman Trail, Buckshaw Viewpoint. The horizon from the left to right shows Hill Top Lane, right of centre is Great Hill 8.3km (5.1m) and extreme right is Winter Hill 11km (6.8m).

Brown House Farm.

Visit to Bucksahw Hospital to have painful cyst cut out of my right foot.

The cyst.
Thu 03 Aug 2023

109 years ago on Tue 4th Aug 1914, Britain declared war on Germany and WW1 began. The World then changed forever. At the time it was called The Great War and many men from Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods signed up to fight for King and Country. The photo is this morning's view (Fri 4th Aug 2023) of our Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War memorial that was unveiled on Sat 11th June 1921. It commemorates the men of Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods who died in two World Wars.
Wed 02 Aug 2023
Drove to Stocks Garage to leave car for MOT test. Walked home along a very wet canal towpath.

Brown House Farm.

Brown House Farm datestone 1697.

Brown House Farm datestone 1697

A very wet Leeds & Liverpool Canal towpath.
Tue 01 Aug 2023

M61 north at Botany.

The adjacent Leeds & Liverpool canal towpath.
Evening walk in to Chorley to Brown’s Chippy, then walked home. Bad crash on M61 and north carriageway closed at Chorley so A roads jammed.
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