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Boyd's photo diary.

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Mon 29 May 2023

Area of proposed development at Hill Top Ln, Whittle-le-Woods by Story Homes and Northern Trust.
Wide view drone photo of Hill Top Lane, Whittle-le-Woods where development is proposed.
Sun 28 May 2023

An evening walk though Whittle-le-Woods and photogrphed this difficult junction at Birchin Lane and Chorley Old Road.
Fri 26 May 2023
The footpath closure through the lower part of Kem Mill Ln is now open to pedestrians after a 2 year closure.

A lunchtime drive to original Gargrave silk Mill that is now industrial units and student accommodation.

Thu 25 May 2023

The site with Dunalastair Water in the background.

I returned to Lassintullich & St Blane’s Church to take some drone images.

Vertical view of the site.
Tue 23 May 2023
Back in Scotland to do more exploring.
At Lassintullich, near Loch Rannoch, St Blane’s Church and adjacent graveyard.

Early medieval cross slab

Slab drawign  from the Canmore website.
Mon 22 May 2023
Morning walk down Kem Mill Ln and noticed a pile of fleeces in the field. They'd cone after a couple of days.
Sun 21 May 2023

Mum's birthday so cycle ride to Pleasington crematorium then called at Mum's memorial bench at Withnell Fold.
Sat 20 May 2023
More concreting.

Fri 19 May 2023
The gap between the Surgey and Builders Supplies used to be Rosegrove Cabaret Club back in the 1960s. Before that it was a cinema. Many acts played there including Freddie & the Dreamers, Kinks, Hollies, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Swinging Blue Jeans, the Searchers etc, etc
Thu 18 May 2023

Buckhurst Lodgeside Cafe at the top of Deeply Vale.

Deeply Vale Folk Festival c1970s

Site today.

Deeply Vale Bleachworks Chimney.

Drone view of the chimney.
Wed 17 May 2023

Nice view of the Duddon Estuary while eating my sandwiches.
Tue 16 May 2023

New door acces being built at the old Whittle Surgery.
Sun 14 May 2023

Demolition continuing at St Peter;s Parish Club, Eaves Lane Chorley.
Sat 13 May 2023
Got the concrete mixer out for the first time in a while.

Afternoon changed the oil in the Rohloff gears on my Dawes bike.

Fri 12 May 2023
Land clearance at Withnell Fold on the site of the original Paper Mill.

Fri 12 May 2023

Interesting comparison of door sizes.

Collected my Dawes bike from Paul Hewitt cycles. He's fitted a larger rear sprocket (21teeth) on the Rohloff hub gears.
Thu 11 May 2023
Had my internet upgraded to full fibre. Quite an improvement.

Morning - Copper wire.

Afternoon - Fibre.
Wed 10 May 2023

New tyres at Stocks Garage.

Tue 09 May 2023
Left car and walked through golf course and to Deep Moss farm where it was bypassed to right and down to Cheesden Brook and the Deeply Vale Bleachworks Mill Chimney. Then up to Stand Lees farm and being renovated Yates Farm to site of wind Hill pit coal mine. Only a large pile of heather & grass covered mound remains. Followed path down to Buckhurst Lodge cafe where stopped for coffee and pies. Donna is the proprietor and she let me borrow The Forgotten Valley book. Walked back via Croston Close Road.
Deeply Vale Bleach Works.

Buckhurst Lodge cafe 

Buckhurst School
(old photo in cafe)
Sun 07 May 2023

The damaged parapet on the bridge at Moss Lane over the canal is now repaired and Moss Lane opened to traffic.
Sat 06 May 2023
Coronation of King Charles III

I’ve just watched my 2nd Coronation, lived in 8 decades, 2 centuries & 2 milleniums.
Today is the Coronation of King Charles III. It will be the second Coronation for me as I watched his Mum, Queen Elizabeth II being crowned in 1953. We rented our TV specially for the occasion. I was a schoolboy at Withnell Fold School and we put on a pageant on the back of the Withnell Fold Paper Mill lorry which was parked on Chorley’s Flat Iron parking area. The photo shows the familiar College & Imperial Hotel in the background. I am at the front right of centre dressed as a pageboy with garter on my left leg.
Thu 04 May 2023

Voting this morning at the Village Hall for local councillors. its the first time I've needed identificatin. I used my bus pass.

Mon 01 May 2023
Today’s May Day Bank Holiday Whittle-le-Woods 22nd Duck Race was blessed with excellent weather for what seemed like a record turn out. Hundreds of spectators enjoyed a variety of entertainments and food stalls including burgers, ice cream van, cake stall, face painting and a long queue for the bar at the Roebuck.
The course length was 141m and the winning times for the two races were.
Duck race Xtra (100 ducks) 08min 08sec
Main Duck Race (1000 ducks) 06min 02sec
Yesterday's rain lifted the River Lostock enough to improve the time on last year when the slower times were:
Race Xtra 14min 27sec
Main race 12min 16sec


Start of the first reace, 100 ducks. 

The 2nd race and 1,000 ducks. 

Burgers and sausages.

Finish line at School Brow Bridge.

Bird's eye view.

Bird's eye view.
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