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Wed 13 Oct 2021

Wainman’s Pinnacle, not sure when built.
Drove to Cowling and up to high road and walked in mist & drizzle to Wainman’s Pinnacle then Lund’s Tower. Lund's Tower is a stone-built folly built in 1887 above Cowling, Yorkshire.

Waymarker on the road near to Lund’s Tower. The face of the stone directs travellers To Settell (Settle) and Kighle(y) M 4 and on the back Cown (Colne) M 6.

Lund's Tower built 1887.
Sun 10 Oct 2021

Stockport Plaza.

Stockport Plaza.

Stockport Plaza.
Today I joined a group from Chorley Little Theatre to visit the Stockport Plaza. It was the 8th Festival of Film and TV History and in particular a recognition of the work of the small family team that operate the ‘Talking Pictures TV’ channel. Thanks to them many film classics and old TV programmes are available to view on our TVs. We were also treated to some live interviews & acts including the stunning voice of Anita Harris who sounds and looks amazing at the age of 79.
Warm up singer.
Paul playing the amazing organ.
Sat 09 Oct 2021

Farnhill Pinnacle. Above Kildwick, Yorkshire.

Farnhill Pinnacle.

Bonfire for the Jubilee.

Farnhill’s Jubilee Tower (Farnhill Pinnacle) for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887. Jubilee Day Celebrations – Tuesday 21 June 1887. Queen Victoria was Queen from 20 June 1837 to 22 January 1901.

1935 Royal Jubilee Celebrations of King George V 6th May 1935 God save the King.
Kildwick Hall.
Mon 04 Oct 2021

Inglewhite Cross, and my bike.

In Inglewhite I stopped by the Village Cross. The market cross, dating from 1500, has engraved on its shaft the initials HCIW, dated 1675 and believed to be those of Justice Warren, then Lord of the Manor. RESTORED BY PUBLIC SUBSCRIPTION 1911.

Cross base.
Sun 03 Oct 2021

My bike in Whalley Abbey Gateway.
I cycled along Church Lane to Whalley Abbey entrance where I took a couple of photos then along 'The Sands' to the impressive entrance archway where I took more photos & took advantage of the shelter from the rain. The Abbey was founded in 1296 by the De Lacy family. The two storey sandstone gateway was added in 1350.
Sat 02 Oct 2021

On Thu 30th Sep 2021) I was out for a rainy bike ride and on the way home stopped to photograph the Headless Cross Stone at Anderton, Adlington off the A673 Bolton Rd near the Millstone Inn. It is of a great age and an 11th century cross shaft on a modern base, surmounted by a post-medieval guidepost stone.

The Anderton Headless Cross.
The shaft was reputedly found during construction of a local reservoir and re-erected on or near what is believed to be its original site. It is said to have been erected by the first Lord Leverhulme who had it at his Rivington Bungalow. It depicts the bottom part of a figure and the top part was found in the garden of Hollowforth, Woodplumpton, Preston. The occupier, Richard Threlfall (1804-1870) was a collector of such stones. It has now been in the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, since 1980. The Museum is to be closed for refurbishment and I managed to photograph the upper stone last Sat 25th Sep 2021. There is an excellent drawing and account of the cross in ‘Vikings in North West England’ by the late Ben Edwards who died in Feb 2011. I couldn’t resist repositioning photos of the stones and Ben’s illustration. I’ve included a portion of the 1849 showing the location on the wonderfully named Pitcher Poke Lane.

Anderton/Hollowforth Cross (front view).
Top left in the Harris Museum, bottom left on site.

Anderton/Hollowforth Cross (rear view).
Top left in the Harris Museum, bottom left on site.

1848 map showing “Pitcher Poke Lane”
Fri 01 Oct 2021

A rainy start to the new month.

Evening view of the M65 motorway looking west from Marsh Lane, Brindle.

Waterhouse Green, Whittle-le-Woods (morning). 
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