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Boyd's photo diary.

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Feb21 test
Sun 28 Feb 2021

Last photo of Feb 2021, Leeds and Liverpool canal at the Top Lock.
Fri 26 Feb 2021

Pike Stones.

Hurst Hill.
4Drove to Jepson's Gate at lunchtime then walked via Pike Stones and Hurst Hill. Had butties for lunch.
Wed 24 Feb 2021

A grim rainy morning after my camp.

No views this morning.
Tue 23 Feb 2021

The Manor House on Anglezarke Moor. I walked past while heading out on the moor for a one night camp. As I got higher the wind became very strong and it was noily night as the tent was battered. This is the first time I've used my camping stove using a cyclinder re-filled (decanted) with Propane gas. It worked well.

First time at a new camp spot on Anglezarke Moor. The pond water is rather brown but I gave it a good boil.

A morning walk by Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham. Former home of the Shuttleworth family.

Gawthorpe Hall.
Mon 22 Feb 2021

Site of Gorse Hall today.

Gorse Hall 1930s.
Gorse Hall stood on Blackburn Rd (B6228), Whittle-le-Woods. I used to cycle past it every day on my way to school but can't remember when it was demolished and replaced by the current house.
My Mother told me that when she was a young girl in the 1920s she would walk with her sister from Chorley to Brinscall Baths to go swimming. When they got to Gorse Hall they ran past as they were told it was haunted.
Ken Hodkinson’s Whittle book says: Gorse Hall was an 18th century country house known to have been occupied by Peter Heatley, a cotton merchant and business associate of Richard Arkwright, one of the pioneers of mechanised spinning and weaving during the industrial revolution. In the 1930s the house was occupied by the Smith family who ran the adjacent Gorse Hall Sand and Gravel Co.

Paul's grave.

Paul Tate Died 26th Dec 2020 Age 69 years. Rest in Peace.
Cycled to St Gregory R.C. Church Weldbank to the grave of Paul Tate
Fri 19 Feb 2021

A lunchtime wander to Rushy Brow on Anglezarke Moor.

Rushy Brow: some stone tools from the site.
10,000 years old. The Rushy Brow mesolithic camp on Anglezarke Moor was excavated in Oct 1985. Remains of shelters were found and a considerable number of stone tools including scrapers. It was occupied by hunter-gatherer groups as they followed the seasonal migration of animals. Nature has reclaimed the excavations and there is now nothing to see.
Thu 18 Feb 2021

Sat in front of my computer with a live feed from JPL watching the first images come back from the Perseverance rover landing on Mars. Thu 18th Feb 2021 20:55. How cool is that?

Looking towards the Top Lock, Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

New lock gate on a pontoon.
Wed 17 Feb 2021

Ceramic wall capping on the Bolton Road.

Orlando Brothers.
Livesey Fireclay Works Livesey Brickworks (Fireclay Works) was started by Orlando Brothers around 1845.The site was to the west of Malvern Mill by the Leeds/Liverpool canal..Clay was transported from Meadowhead by mineral railway.By 1886 William Brothers owned the works but went bankrupt that year and it became a Limited Company.It was last worked by Livesey Brick & Tile Co.Ltd.but was wound up in 1894.
Tue 16 Feb 2021

Yesterday cycled to Paul Hewitt Cycles Leyland to collect my new Brooks B17 saddle. I ordered it last Aug.

Mon 15 Feb 2021

Anglezarke Bowl Barrow.
4,000 years old. Anglezarke Round Loaf Bowl Barrow Burial Mound. This huge mound is oval in plan and 65m at the longest dimension. It contains around 25,000 tonnes of earth fill and there are no obvious quarried areas nearby where it came from. That's a lot of muck to shift by hand! It has not been excavated. It was fun referring back to my school days trigonometry to find the formula to calculator the vol and mass of the barrow mound.
Fri 12 Feb 2021

An evening walk through the River Lostock tunnel under the Lancaster Canal Aqueduct. I used my extreme wide abgle fisheye lens for this photo using my bike lamp for illumination.
Thu 11 Feb 2021

Old empty cyclinder

Refill this morning.
Mid morning drove to Preston Bottle Gas at Penwortham with empty 13kg Propane gas bottle (orange) to replace with new full one [27.1kg on digi scale and25.6kg on bathroom scales] £35

Vibro Piling has started (Thu 10th Feb 2021) on the site of Whittle’s new GP surgery on Preston Road (A6). Because the site is mostly on sand the piling forces a steel tube deep underground and the void is filled with a column of stone as the tube is withdrawn. This gives a firm base for the new building. There will be many piles across the site.

Wed 10 Feb 2021

4,500 years old. Pikes Stones are the earliest visible man made structure in the area and only one other chambered tomb has been found within the present day boundaries of Lancashire. Like most long barrows it was erected in a prominent position, on a ridge at a height of just over 275m (900ft). This gave the neolithic builders excellent views, and made the structure visible from a wide area of the Lancashire plain. Around this time Stonehenge in Wiltshire was in its early stages of construction.

Artists impression how it looked 4,500 years ago.

To the NW of the Pike Stones is the Jepson's Gate cairn, though it is little more than a ring of stones.

Thu 04 Feb 2021

I was away from my birthday camp by Drinkwaters ruins by 9am and part way along the track I took a photo looking into the plantation of trees where I had my first wild camp with school friends around 1962.
Wed 03 Feb 2021

1897 Erected to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee (60 years) of the Reign of Queen Victoria.

Foundation laid June 22nd 1897 opened Sep 24th 1898. That's just 15months.

Darwen Jubilee Tower
Another plaque on the tower celebrates the victory of the local people for the right to access the moor in 1896.
In the book ‘Recollections of a Moorland Lad’ by Richard Robinson (1883-1963) he writes about working on the Tower as a young stonemason. He lived within sight of the Tower but he also wrote of his father and Harry Flew who were also stonemasons on the Tower. They both lived in Wheelton and had to set off before 5am to walk many miles over the moors for a 7am start. They’d work till 5:30pm then walk home. Apparently they both liked a ‘pint’.

Today is my birthday and this is my Birthday tea in my Hilleberg Soulo tent.

Darwen Jubilee Tower

Birthday camp near Drinkwaters ruins with Great Hill in the background.
Mon 01 Feb 2021

Caught bus to Chorley then to Gillibrand St Medical Centre for my first covid AstraZeneca vaccination. Then bus home. My appointment was 16:10 and tuned up on time, was seen within minutes and out in 5.
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