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Boyd's photo diary.

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Mon 27 Sep 2021
Evening cycled to Chorley Photographic Society.
Polina Plotnikova "Starting from a Blank Canvas" Creative Flower Portraiture and Still Life
An excellent presentation from zoom.
Polina Plotnikova is a Russian-born, UK-based photographer. She became interested in photography in her early teens after working with the highest-class photography in various museums, galleries and image libraries.

Polina Plotnikova on screen.
Sun 26 Sep 2021

Steve and icicles at White Coppice 1979.
Today is Steve's birthday. Wishing you a good day.

Steve on Windermere,

Steve at home.
Sat 25 Sep 2021
Drove to Preston and parked at Manchester Rd then walked to the Wallace and Gromit statue. Then had a look in The Harris as it will soon close for 3 years for refurbishment. Had coffee while there.
The Harris, Preston.
From 5pm on Sat 2nd Oct 2021 The Harris Museum building, Preston will be 'Temporarily Closed' until further notice. They are going to 'reimagine' the building and 'Temporary' will be about 3 years. Today (Sat 25th Sep 2021) I thought I'd visit for the first time in a long time.

The Harris entrance.

The Harris.
A pleasant surprise was to see the top part of the Anderton Cross on display. The lower part used to belong to Lord Leverhulme (of soap fame) and is now used as a direction post in Anderton near Rivington. It is of Ango-Saxon/Celtic design. The drawing of the two parts reunited is by the late Ben Edwards who died in 2011.

Anderton Cross front top section)

Drawing by Ben Edwards.

Anderton Cross (rear)
Thu 23 Sep 2021

Pleasington Crematorium.

Pleasington Crematorium.

At Pleasington Crematorium for 12:15, the time for Bernadette’s funeral. Marie Bernadette Ralph. Saw Steve, Jill, Deirdre and many relatives. Then afterwards at The Butlers, Pleasington.

Pleasington Crematorium.


Bernadette Marie.
Sat 18 Sep 2021
Along with hundreds of others I was in Astley Park, Chorley this lunchtime just before 13:00 waiting for the Red Arrows jets to fly over Astley Hall where delegates from the G7 Summit were visiting. As expected there were plenty of police around for security but I’m sure we were all there for the jets. Just before they were due I heard a low flying piston engine plane approaching from the south. “Don't they know the Red Arrows are coming?” I thought. I was gobsmacked to see what the plane was when it arrived, Spitfire mk 356 in desert camouflage powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. It was built in 1944 so is now 77 years old. She ‘buzzed’ Astley Park a couple of times before the Red Arrows arrived with red, white and blue vapour.

Spitfire mk 356 in desert camouflage.

Spitfire mk 356

Spitfire mk 356

The Red Arrows above Astley Hall.

The Red Arrows above Astley Park.

Coloured vapour above Astley Hall and the G7 meeting.
Thu 16 Sep 2021

The demolition of the old Odeon Cineama and later Gala Bingo building continues in Chorley town centre.

Mon 13 Sep 2021

Wallace and Gromit created by Prestonian, Nick Park.

The Wrong Trousers.
This morning I decided I’d have a ‘Grand Day Out’ and go for a cycle ride to check on ‘The Wrong Trousers’ by the Market Hall in Preston. On Fri 10th Sep 2021 Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit fame unveiled Preston’s newest sculpture,The Wrong Trousers Wallace and Gromit Bench.
Gromit reads a copy of the Evening Lamp-Post
Gromit reads a copy of the Evening Lamp-Post as visitors sit next to him to have their pictures taken. I’ve never seen so many people smile when they see the sculpture and lots of delighted children sat on the bench to be snapped by their parents. It's bronze so I’ve converted the photos to b&w to bring out more detail.
Gromit reads a copy of the Evening Lamp-Post

My bike by The Wrong Trousers

The line of telephone boxes on nearby Market St are empty and to Let or Rent.
Sun 12 Sep 2021

A nice sunset this evening. West view from Kem Mill Lane.
Fri 10 Sep 2021

This morning Bernadette Marie died after being unwell for some time.

Steve and Bernadette in 1975
Thu 09 Sep 2021

Jean Millington photographed at Liverpool Stadium Thu 12th Oct 1972

My Nikon F and 135mm Nikkor lens that I used to photograph Jean.
Mon 06 Sep 2021

Floodlit evening bowls outside St Mary's Club
Evening cycled to Chorley Photographic Society at St Mary’s for the first meeting of the new season. This was our first live meeting in over 18months. Live audience but the speaker Phil Savoie zoomed in.
Sat 04 Sep 2021

It was nice to return to Brindle for the ‘live’ Brindle Village Show (Sat 04th Sep 2021) to see the exhibits and meet up with many friends I haven't seen for ages. The weather was fine and the prizes were awarded outside at the front of the Hall. Eric Bell from Whittle-le-Woods was awarded the Harvest Trophy for the most points awarded in the garden vegetable section.

The Harvest Trophy.

Eric and The Harvest Trophy.

Eric and sisters.
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