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Boyd's photo diary.

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Sat 16 Jan 2021

Weeping Stone on Birchin Lane.
This afternoon I was walking through Whittle Spinney Woodland by Birchin Lane and took a photo of the Celtic Cross marking the approximate location of the ancient St Helen’s Well. The actual well site was a casualty of the M61 motorway and is buried somewhere under the north carriageway. The Parish boundaries in the area have changed over the years and even though the ‘Whittle Spinney’ sign is in Whittle-le-Woods the site of the cross is just in Clayton-le-Woods and used to be in Brindle. The stone cross was carved by the late Jack Sharples (1929-2017) and erected in July 2003. The formal unveiling was in May 2004 by Cllr Eric Bell. I thought it would be interesting to compare 3 photos over almost 18 years.

Nearbye old Lime Kiln.
Thu 14 Jan 2021

Weeping Stone on Birchin Lane.
A wet & snowy morning was not ideal weather for digging out, cleaning and photographing an ancient Weeping Stone. It was originally used by people from South Hill, Heapey, Brinscall, Withnell, up to the opening of the present St. Chad's Church, Whittle-le-Woods in 1791. Before that they used to bury their dead in Brindle churchyard and crosses were erected by the wayside where the burial party would rest on their way to Brindle. Weeping Stones were also placed by the road. On these the coffins were placed whilst the bearers rested. One such stone can still be seen by Birchin Lane. It used to be in Whittle-le-Woods but became part of Brindle when the border was moved to the M61. This stone had a dual use as between 1844 and 1846 it was used for an Ordnance Survey Bench Mark at an altitude of 311 ft above sea level (Liverpool). The highlighting is chalk which I washed off after taking the photo.
Mon 11 Jan 2021
Three cottages shown on the map were demolished around 1960 and excavated to show the cellars before re-development can go ahead.

Lunchtime walk to Rip Row end of Whittle-le-Woods.

The old cellars exposed. 
Sun 10 Dec 2021

Late afternoon bike ride passing
St Barnanas Church, Heapey &
 Audrey Eckersley's grave.

Audrey's grave in Oct 2020
Sat 09 Jan 2021

Whittle-le-Woods Methodist Church.

Covid 19 vaccination centre at
Clayton Green Medical Centre.

Covid 19 vaccination centre at
Clayton Green Medical Centre.
Fri 08 Jan 2021

There was some snowfall this morning on Waterhouse Green, Whittle-le-Woods. Our Christmas Tree is still up but the lights are no longer there. Let's hope next Christmas is a better one. Snow on my lens.
Sun 03 Jan 2021

Biggest snowman in Whittle-le-Woods at Hill Foot Farm.
Sat 02 Jan 2021

A little lunchtime snow on Waterhouse Green.
Fri 01 Jan 2021

Early morning view of my first camp of 2021 on Hurst HIll.
The foreground illumination is moonlight.
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