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Fri 07 May 2021
This morning I met Cllr Eric Bell at St Johnís Church, Whittle-le-Woods to see some notable graves. In the south-west corner of the graveyard are a small group of graves marked by simple stone crosses. They are the graves of those who worked most of their lives in service at nearby Shaw Hill. Bushes have tried to engulf them but young offenders serving community service are occasionally being used to keep the area clear.
Eric cleaning some of the inscriptions.

John Faux died 1883 aged 68 after 42 years faithful Service at Shaw Hill
Sun Grave of John Cotton of The Pines.
Killed on the first day of the
Somme 1st July 1916.
Thu 06 May 2021
Today's Local Elections at Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall were for:
Chorley Borough Councillors, Lancashire County Councillors and a Police & Crime Commissioner.

Steve's house as Matt arrives

The same view when Matt had finished

Private Road at Hoghton.
Culvet/wall repairs.

The same view Sat 1st May.
Mon 03 May 2021
Bank Holiday Monday - Revisited the old Railway route between Threlkeld & Keswick (see walking diary for full details.)

The last train 4th March 1972

Storm Desmond damage Dec 2015

Bobbin Mill Tunnel reopened Dec 2020

Bobbin Mill Tunnel interior.
Sat 01 May 2021

Frank's wall is now rebuilt and complete.
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