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Sat 31 Jul 2021

Pleasington Crematorium

Mum at Blackpool in 1938. 

Pleasington Crematorium
Steve came late morning and we drove in Steve’s car to Pleasington Crematorium to visit the Book of Remembrance as it is 11 years since Mum died. For the last 18months the book and room have been closed.

View from the bench.
Sun 18 Jul 2021

Astley Hall, Chorley.
The warm sunny afternoon was ideal for a cycle ride to Astley Park, Chorley, Lancashire to check on the refurbishment of Astley Hall. The old rendering has been removed and the original brickwork looks splendid in the sunshine.
Sat 17 Jul 2021

Denham Springs Farm on a warm sunny Saturday evening.

1896 datestone on Denham Springs Farm. The stone came from the demolished adjacent Print Works.

8th July view. 2021

Town Lane house being refurbished.
Fri 16 Jul 2021

A sunny view from Top th Lane, Brindle looking towards
Darwen Jubilee Tower.

Anoher Plague swab test at the drive through.

22nd June 2021

Fri 16th July 2021
The Cheeky Monkeys building on Factory Lane is being demolished. The roof steel frame is being dismantled and is to be reassembled for a barn
Thu15 Jul 2021

Fitted a small bench by the path off Dawson Lane adjacent to The Paddock.

View from the bench.
Wed 14 Jul 2021

Another blood sample taken.
Sun 11 Jul 2021
Today Sunday 11th July 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the finding of the wreck of the first Royal Yacht ‘Mary’. On Sun 11th July 1971 a team of Divers from Chorley Sub Aqua Club found and recovered a bronze cannon from the seabed near the Skerries, Holyhead, Anglesey. Around the same time another group of divers from Meseyside discovered more cannons near the site.
They turned out to be from the same wreck, the former Royal Yacht Mary which sank after hitting rocks on 25th March 1675. There were 74 people on board, 28crew & 46 passengers. 39 scrambled ashore & 35 died including Captain Burstow. She was the first Royal Yacht ‘Mary’ presented to Charles II on his restoration in 1660. She was built in 1660 by the Dutch East India Company, purchased by the City of Amsterdam and given to King Charles II on the restoration of the monarchy after the the period of Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth.

The Royal Yacht Mary.

Bronze cannons in Hollyhead.
The vessel had 100 tons displacement, 52ft (16m) long * 19ft (6m) * 10ft (3m) draught. Most of the armaments and artefacts were recovered over a few diving seasons and preserved by Merseyside Museums. They now hold 1,500 objects from the Mary, including cutlery and jewellery, human remains & cannons. She was designated under the Protection of Wrecks act 1973 to give legal protection against looters. There have been 84 royal yachts since the 'Mary', the last being HMY Britannia which was decommissioned in 1997. Britannia is berthed permanently at the Port of Leith in Edinburgh and is a very popular tourist attraction.

The first Bronze cannon being recovered on Sunday 11th July 1971. 

Malcolm with a pewter chamber pot.

Silver Lions head.

Remains of 3 separate people were found.

Gold locket with human hair.

Recovering a pewter palate July 1975
Fri 09 Jul 2021

Steve helped me set up my new Samsung tablet.
Tue 06 Jul 2021

Remnant Kings Sculpture. 
At Irwell Vale to go for walk to the Remnant King’s sculpture.

Remnant Kings 1997.

In Edenfield visited the Drinking Fountain by Recreation Ground.

My Drink is Water Bright.
On a beautiful fine May afternoon in 1907 a vast assembly of people crowded on the Edenfield Recreation Ground to witness the unveiling of the drinking fountain in memory of Alexander barlow. Mr Barlow was a mill owner, councillor and prominent Primitive Methodist who had died in 1897.

Edenfield Parish Church is a Grade II* building dating from 1778. A chantry chapel existed on the site in the 13th century and the oldest part of the present church is the 16th century tower. It is one of only a small number of churches with no known dedication.

Edenfield Parish Church with a bent tower.
Fri 02 Jul 2021

Evening view from Marsh Lane, Brindle as I cycled over the M65.
Thu 01 Jul 2021
This morning I visited the Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods War Memorial shortly before 07:30am. Today (Thu 1st July 2021) is the 105th anniversary of the WW1 Battle of the Somme which started at 07:30am 1st July 1916. Several men whose names are on the memorial were killed on the first day of the battle.

Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods War Memorial.

D9531 Ernest
At the Irwell Vale Railway Station were spectators for today’s Summer Diesel Gala. Photographed D9531 Ernest with other diesels & carriages in tow. Top left is the Peel Tower above Ramsbottom.

There were some interesting machines being used on the re-construction of the Football Ground, Kem Mill Lane, Whittle-le-Woods. A gps unit is communicating with the scraper to ensure all dips are filled and humps shaved off before topsoil is replaced. New drains will also be laid.
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