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Boyd's photo diary.

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Sat 28 May 2022
Morning cycled to Chorley. Morning cycled to Chorley. Then two to Chorley Exchange shop on the market.
Bought Samsung Galaxy FE 5G from Zee.

Samsung Galaxy FE 5G

Zee at Chorley Xchange Shop
27 Market Place.
Fri 27 May 2022
Cycled to Withnell Fold and down to the mill area to take a few general photos as the demolition & redevelopment of the remaining buildings is supposed to be happening soon.

Thu 26 May 2022
Bank stabilisation works continue on Town Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.

Town Lane.

Town Lane.
Wed 25 May 2022

Then and now, 40years on. My new passport has arrived. The retro design makes us look like we still have an Empire!
Mon 23 May 2022
On evening cycle ride called to take some photos at the site of the Brindle Workhouse.

Plaque on the wall

This building was not part of the Workhouse.

Plaque on the wall.
Brindle Workhouse operated on this site from 1734 to 1871.
Originally taken over from a catholic mass house, the workhouse buildings were expanded and rebuilt housing over 200 'paupers and lunatics' until 1816. It was notorious for its severity and poor conditions even among workhouses, and took paupers from over 80 townships across Lancashire. Around 1842 it was absorbed into the Chorley Poor Law Union and effectively became the town main workhouse until its closure in 1871 with the building of the new workhouse at Eaves lane.
Among the thousands of paupers who must have passed through its doors were -
W. Wamer of Biston
Kitty Parker
James Warburton
Alexander Fowler
George Blackstone
Alice Bennison
John Heywood
Jervis Heson
Timothy Cross

Each was a person with their own story.
For most of them, this is their only memorial.

Site of the Workhouse.
Sun 22 May 2022

Mowing below Liseux Hall.
Sat 21 May 2022
Walked to the Whittle Millstones monument for 09:30 to lead the first Whittle History walk no2 with 10 people. I met the next group of 10 at 2pm to do the walk again.

Whittle-le-Woods local history walk no 2 the morning group.

Whittle-le-Woods local history walk no 2 the afternoon group.
It's Mum's birthday so evening cycle ride to Pleasington then Withnell Fold.

Mum's ashes are at Plot H, Pleasington Crematorium.

Pasta and a beer on Mum's bench at Withnell Fold.
Thu 19 May 2022
Walked to Birching Lane and Lower Denham Springs Printworks reuins to do an interview with Paul O'Gorman of Radio Lancashire.

Paul O'Gorman of Radio Lancashire.

The Printworks cimney.

An evening walk to Whittle Springs on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.
Wed 18 May 2022
While on my Cumbria walk called into the Threlkeld Mining Museum for a quick look.

One of the museum rooms.

A view of Blencathra from the riveted bridge along the old railway line route.
Tue 17 May 2022
Walked to Manor Road Primary School for 09:30am to lead another history walk for the Year 4 students. We walked down to Lower Kem Mill ruins where I spoke about the development of the Mill for textile printing through the water powered era and into steam power with coal and its final closure in 1914 after it burnt down.

Mon 16 May 2022

Kem Mill Lane is back from Lower Kem Mill Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.
See 10th May 2022.
Sun 15 May 2022
A walk to Lower Copthurst to see the Hydram pump by the spring above the River Lostock and also the old waterweel pit for the the old Denham Springs Printworks.


Waterwheel pit.

Town Lane work to concretre the side of the stream.
Sat 14 May 2022

Westhoughton High School

Morning drive to Westhoughton High School for the ‘At Home’ conference of the Lancashire Local History Federation hosted by the Westhoughton Local History Group. At Westhoughton High School,
Bolton Road, Westhoughton BL53DN
10 Introduction – David Kaye ( Chairman) - WLHG
10.20 – 11.10 Westhoughton’s History – Pam Wood, Anne Hodgson, Garth Ratcliffe - WLHG
11.10 – 11.25 Short break/refreshments
11.25 – 12.30 The Burning of Westhoughton Mill by Luddites (1812) – Pam Wood and Colin Gradwell
12.30 – 13.40 Buffet Lunch
13.45 – 14.45 The History of the Bolton – Leigh Railway (1828) – Phil Wood - WLHG
14.45 – 15.00 Short break
15.00 – 15.45 Pretoria Pit Disaster (1910) – Jim Berry (Lead singer of Houghton Weavers) and Garth Ratcliffe

Mural of Pretoria Pit Disaster (1910) in Westhoughton Library.

I was out for a sunny cycle ride around the lanes of Brindle when I noticed this interesting Messerschmitt car. This model is a 3 wheeler, produced between 1955–1964. It is powered by a 191 cc single cylinder two-stroke engine.
Fri 13 May 2022
Set off to drive home from Scotland. On the way visited Allean forest car park off the B8019 and walked up to the reconstructed shieling

Thu 12 May 2022
To the west the road ends by the Loch Lyon dam but a track continues up towards the remote Glen Cailliche. I trekked the 6 miles there to visit a small stone shieling (hut) called Tigh Nam Bodach (house of the old man) and sometimes Tigh Nan Cailleach (house of the old woman). It is the only surviving shrine to the goddess Cailleach.
The family of water-worn sandstones roughly shaped in human forms were brought out on 1st May. The largest stone represents the Cailleach, while others represent her husband Bodach "the old man" , their daughter Nighean and other small children. The stone family only live in the sheiling from Samhain 31st Oct (or 1st Nov) to Beltane 1st May, the two Celtic festivals that mark the end and beginning of summer.

Wed 11 May 2022
Drove to west end of Glen Lyon, Scotland and had short rainy walk. When I got back to the car was treated to a nice rainbow. I took a conventional photo and another in infrared.

Tue 10 May 2022
Recent renaming of Kem Mill Lane to Lower kem Mill Lane. A few days later it was back to Kem Mill Lane.

A new venue for Chorley Historical & Archaeological Society.
Now meeting at Astley Village Community Centre.

Sun 08 May 2022
Today (Sun 8th May 2022) marks the 77th anniversary of V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day).
27years ago on 08th May 1995 the 50th anniversary of V-E day was commemorated in Whittle-le-Woods with an outdoor party and games on the playing fields by Union Street.
77 years ago on Tue 8th May 1945 Schools were granted 2 days holiday for the celebrations. The following extract is from the Withnell Fold School log book. The entry was written by the headmistress Miss Elsie Whitehead (1909-2003)
“8.5.45 The war in Europe has ended today and all schools have been granted two days holiday. The school therefore is closed until Thursday morning.
10.5.45 School opened this morning after victory celebrations. Four extra children being away.”
The surrender & end of WW2 can’t be tied to a precise date as events were happening all over the world. The late Les Chapman (1907-2008) from Chorley served throughout Europe in the 2nd Army Ground Photo Unit. He was at the Luneberg Heath surrender in Germany on 4th May 1945 where Admiral Friedeburg signed the surrender in Monty's (Field Marshal Montgomery) caravan.

Withnell Fold School diary.
Sat 07 May 2022

A walk over Pike Lowe above Brinscall to scatter more ashes.
Thu 05 May 2022
Out for an evening bike ride and stopped at the Whittle-le-Woods Community Hall to votee in the local ellections.  

Dedrah won.
A morning walk in Cumbria where I took comparison photos on Infrared.

St John's in the Vale Church.

Infrared view.

Blencathra in the background.

Infrared view.
Mon 02 May 2022
Today (Bank Hol Mon 2nd May 2022) we had calm overcast weather for our 21st Whittle-le-Woods Duck Race on the River Lostock at Waterhouse Green. The last race was in 2019 when it rained most of the time.
 Today a record number of spectators turned up to enjoy a variety of entertainments and food stalls. There was a fantastic burger stall, ice cream van, cake stall, face painting and a long queue for the bar at the Roebuck that stretched out of the front door, across the pavement and down the road.  

Setting up the finish line in a new location.

Start of the main race.

Whittle & Clayton.

Whittle & Clayton.

Start of the main race.
 The results were:
Whittle-le-Woods Community Hall Trust Duck Race.
Duck Race Xtra (100 ducks): winner No 77.
Main Duck Race (1000 ducks): First No 556, 2nd No 45, 3rd No 549.
For anyone interested the course length was 141m and the times/speeds were:
Race Xtra:
14 minutes 27 seconds 09.76 m/min (metres per minute).
Main race:
12 minutes 16 seconds 11.49 m/min (metres per minute)
A huge thanks to the organisers and all those who ran the stalls. It was great to see so many children enjoying themselves and cheering the ducks along.
Sun 01 May 2022

Morning drive to MyVue Blackburn to see Downton Abbey - A New Era.

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