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Boyd's photo diary.

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Thu 16 Jan 2020
Cycled to Penwortham to check out the recently opened bypass. I was disappointed to see that there is no cycle track by the road. It is called John Horrocks Way and opened on Monday 2 December at 10.30am. John Horrocks was born in 1768 and was one of the leading figures in Lancashire's textile industry and owned several mills. He lived in Penwortham and represented Preston as MP. The new name was suggested by Grace Shields and Laura Gillett from Penwortham Girls High School.

John Horrocks Way
Mon 13 Jan 2020

I was treated to a colourful halo around the moon on my morning walk along Kem Mill Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.

Sat 11 Jan 2020
Early afternoon caught the bus to Chorley to visit the new Reel Cinema that opened last Dec. A pleasant interior and comfy seats. I saw the film 1917 which was just OK but had a ludicrous plot line in places and the continuity manager must have been away on a coffee beak for most of the film. I had a dark and rainy walk home.  

Reel Cinema, Chorley.

Wed 08 Jan 2020
After a walk over the fells called in the Old Parish Church of St Martin of Tours Martindale to take a few photos.
Also see my previous report on 14th June 2017.

Tue 07 Jan 2020
Digitising some glass plate negatives via re-photographing them.
T.B. Parke (centre back) and some of his workers at Withnell Fold Paper Mill

Below are Some of the Stocks Reservoir project photos near Slaidburn.
500volt DC generator in the powerhouse driven by a multi-cylinder vertical oil engine of Berdmore (Glasgow) manufacture.
Photo taken 26th Oct 1923.
Delivering milk via Kit (churn) containers to Hollins Village.
28th May 1927.
Sat 04 Jan 2020
Early evening cycled to the Chorley Mormon Temple to see their Christmas lights and take a few photos.

Mormon Temple

Fri 03 Jan 2020
Drove north on M6, M7 and off at Moffat. Then along A701 over Devil’s Beef Tub pass. Stopped briefly in laybye on summit and looked down to deep valley below to see the old transit van wreckage that has been there for many years. The incident occurred in Feb 2002 and the story is that the woman driver lost control and plunged to the bottom.

Samye Ling in the rain.
Incredibly she survived with just a broken arm and was able to climb back to the road and get help. Continued driving to Tweedmuir then right and over the Talla Pass to Cappercleuch then left on A708 to the Gordon Arms then right over B709 to join the B709 and right towards Eskdalemuir. Stopped briefly to have sandwich lunch.  
Continued over the pass and slowed at the Seismological Station building but no cars there. Then to the Samye Ling Monastery for a quick look. The café was close but the shop open. Thankfully the scaffolding on the main building was gone. The Eskdalemuir Hub café was closed so continued to Langholm A7 and back to M6.  

In the shop

Wed 01 Jan 2020
After an overnight camp above the Corridor Route by Great End, Cumbria the overnight cloud cleared enough to get some photos.

My first camp of the year with Great Gable in the background.

Early mist cleared for a while and I was able to see down towards Wastwater and Lingmell ahead.

After driving home from Cumbria and calling in Chorley I drove home via Town Lane, Whittle-le-Woods and was fortunate to see this view of the setting sun behind the Mormon Temple.
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