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Boyd's photo diary.

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Sun 20 Jan 2019
Heading to the Cape Verde Islands to do some trekking. The first part of the journey was from Manchester to Lisbon and the plane was less than half full.
Sat 19 Jan 2019
Driving a Model T Ford up Ben Nevis, Scotland in 1911
Thu 17 Jan 2019
Morning cycled to Chorley Council Bengal Street depot to meet Sean Blake. He showed me the Disraeli statue base (Earl of Beaconsfield – 1886) which had be brought back from their Yarrow Depot which is unmanned. It was on the back of a trailer and would probably stay there until it is decided what to do next.

Earl of Beaconsfield K.C. 1886
The statue of Benjamin Disraeli the Earl of Beaconsfield (1804-1881) was removed in 2009 from the building at the junction of Cleveland St and Chapel St Chorley. The building was in need of structural repair and the statue had to be removed. It was taken to the yard of Rawcliffe’s Monumental Masons on Southport Road adjacent to the Cemetery for cleaning.
Statue of Benjamin Disraeli being cleaned in the yard of Rawcliffe’s Monumental Masons on Southport Road Chorley June 2009.
Robert Taylor (l) and Michael Rawcliffe.

Statue of Benjamin Disraeli high above Cleveland St and Chapel St before removal
Wed 16 Jan 2019
Visited the Lakeland Motor Museum, Backbarrow, Cumbria. Also on was the Bluebird Exhibition of the Landspeed record car driven by Sir Malcolm Campbell (1885-1948) and a replica of waterspeed Bluebird piloted by Donald Campbell (1921-1967)
Donald Campbell (1921-1967)
 is killed on his record attempt.

Donald Campbell (1921-1967)

Replica of Donald Campbell's 'Bluebird'
Tue 15 Jan 2019
There was a brief moment of sunshine as I climbed Glaramara in Cumbria today. This view is looking north with Skiddaw in the distance.
Fri 11 Jan 2019
Just heard the sad news that the BBC TV presenter Dianne Oxberry has died from cancer at the age of 51.

Dianne Oxberry (1967 - 2019)
Sat 05 Jan 2019
Our lovely Whittle-le-Woods Christmas tree has now been taken down on Waterhouse Green but a picturesque flower bed is in its place. I’ve just taken my Christmas Cards down spilling another coating of silver glitter dust on the carpet.
Fri 04 Jan 2019

Window view in a shelter bothy above Smittergill Head west of Alston, Cumbria
Wed 02 Jan 2019
Lunchtime drive to Rivington then a walk up to Rivington Pike.

Terraced Gardens

View from Rivington Pike

Rivington Pike

The Pigeon Tower has been extensively renovated

Morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods by the A6 & Cow Well Lane
Tue 01 Jan 2019
First views of the new 2019 year from my camp on Hurst Hill

Fireworks towards Horwich and Chorley

Camp on Hurst Hill

Winter Hill shrouded in cloud

There was cloud and rain first thing

Sunset across High Cop Farm pond

The same pond 1st July 2018 exactly 6 months ago during the drought.
Afternoon bike ride via Hoghton and Brindle.
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