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Sun  30  Sep 2018

The present Glenlyon Church was built in 1828 and is now the only church in the glen.

Glenlyon Church, Scotland

The church behind the trees

Returning home from Scotland I stopped by the Tay Bridge at Aberfeldy to photograph the St Andrews University canoe club passing under the bridge. Tay Bridge is also known as "General Wade's Bridge" and was one of around 40 important bridges built by General George Wade as part of a network of 250 miles of new roads built across the Highlands in the aftermath of the 1715 Jacobite uprising. The bridge was formally opened in August 1735.
Thu  27  Sep 2018

Return to McGregor's Cave Scotland near the Schiehallion Road

Wed  26  Sep 2018

Ian Rae cutting down the last tree on the land adjacent to my garden. He had to leave it for a while until a nesting pigeon had left.
Mon  24  Sep 2018

Leaving Cramond Island to head home

Rodney Street Tunnel Glasgow

Rodney Street Tunnel

Heading home from Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station
Sun  23  Sep 2018

At Burnside west of Edinburgh is this Standing stone and tumuli in the background.

Apples on Cramond Island 
Sat  22  Sep 2018
Fly Agaric on the approach to Livingston
Fri 21  Sep 2018
Off to Scotland with my bike to do some exploring. First stage is the train from Preston to Glasgow.

Preston Railway Station

Stan Laurel (1890 - 1965)

The Britannia Music Hall, Trongate, Glasgow, Scotland is the oldest surviving music hall in the world. It was built in 1857 In 1906 Stan Laurel (1890 - 1965) made his first stage appearance there on amateur night.

Britannia Music Hall

Britannia Music Hall

Riding through Coatbridge, Scotland
Tue  18  Sep 2018
A very windy Coledale Hause, Cumbria. Shortly after taking this photo I had to turn back because of the wind.
Sun  16  Sep 2018
Today Simon Yates won the Vuelta a España Tour of Spain
As a mediocre racing cyclist way back in the 1960s how could I ever, ever, ever have imagined this could happen?
British cycling celebrates historic triple of Grand Tour success.
Chris Froome wins the Giro d'Italia,
Geraint Thomas wins the Tour de France,
and Simon Yates wins the Vuelta a España.
No nation had ever taken all three Grand Tours in the same year with different riders.

Chris Froome, Geraint Thomas & Simon Yates. 

My brother Dean reminded my that way back in 1969 the Divisional Road Race Championships I won has the results on the internet.
Cycled to Brinscall to take this photo of the Pike Lowe Reservoir roof with the trig post showing in the middle.
Sat  15  Sep 2018
The first new car I bought was this Peugeot 106 in the year 2000. It was a fantastic car and gave me over 100,000miles of trouble free motoring. I got another car in 2008 and gave this Peugeot to my daughter and asked if she could try and get it to 200,000miles. Ten years later the car is still with us with a current mileage of 205,410. Jill and Pete have kept her going with a lot of work, welding and TLC. Unfortunately there is too much work to get her through the next MOT so the car is now advertised on eBay for spares and bids are coming in. A fantastic family car and she still looks as good as the day I bought her and we’ll both miss her.
Fri 14  Sep 2018
The National Open Heritage weekend is underway and several locations around Chorley are open to the public. This morning (Fri 14 Sep 2018) I visited St George’s Church, Chorley and was given a fascinating insight into the church and how it came to be. Bill Walker gave an illustrated presentation on the 1818 Church Building Act which provided funding to increase church capacity as the Industrial Revolution, especially in Chorley, meant that the population was increasing too fast for church pew places. Without the Act St George’s wouldn’t have been built. The church was built between 1822 and 1825 to a design by Thomas Rickman. A fascinating design feature are the cast iron hammerbeams high up in the roof area. The bells are also of interest as they were installed as a WW1 memorial. A marble plaque gives the names of the St George’s men who died in WW1. The bells consist of an Ellacombe Chime which means they can be operated by a single operator and the bells are static and hit by hammers. I was even allowed to ring the bells, a first for me.

St George's Church interior

St George's interior

St George's Church

Cast iron hammer beams

Ellacome chime bell controls

Revd Henry Thomas Ellacombe was the great authority on bells, and wrote many books and papers, including Practical Remarks on Belfries and Ringers. He invented a device, now known as an Ellacombe apparatus, with chiming hammers, to enable one person to chime all the bells in a tower.

War Memorial fitted in connection with the Ellacombe Bells

Advert to Allen's Butchers

The real Allen's Butchers
Sun  09  Sep 2018
An enjoyable evening walk along Town Lane. This view is from one of gates near Lucas Lane junction
Sat 08  Sep 2018

As the weather was mostly rubbish today I thought I’d have a short wander through the pine woods above Brinscall. The reason was to check out a couple of underground features I’ve seen on previous walks. One was an underground chamber that appears to have been a cold store in the days before electricity and refrigeration. Or it could have been for water storage. Further investigations revealed another underground chamber I hadn’t noticed before. Serendipity!
Collapsed chamber, probably an old water cistern

First of a two part chamber

Second part of the chamber
Fri 07 Sep 2018
Drove to White Coppice for 08:30 and waited to meet Lesley (Skyblue) Whittacker and Christine Eastham. The objective was to walk up to the old mine adit up the gorge. It was raining most of the time. Interesting exploration of the mine which isn’t very long.

Heading to the mine in the rain.
One of Lesleys photos

Lesley photographing Christine

Lesley posing in the old lead mine

Lesley leaving the mine


Lesley in front of the byre in Brinscall woods
Wed  05  Sep 2018

It was a great day for a bike ride around Belmont, Rivington and Wheelton. In Belmont I stopped to admire the view of St Peter’s Church which was built in 1849. In the background can be seen the Winter Hill transmitting mast which is 309 m (1,015 ft) tall and came in to service in 1966. It replaced and earlier 1956 mast.
Tue 04  Sep 2018
I spent part of today climbing up Hallsfell Ridge, Blencathra in Cumbria to investigate a disturbing report that the Ordnance Survey Trig point on the summit had been stolen or vandalised. It is one of the rare ground level concrete rings with a brass bolt set in the rock. It was thick mist when I got there and found it quite upsetting to find the rumours were true. I was last here just over 2 weeks ago on Wed 15 Aug 2018 and everything was in place. The theft has been reported on social media and magazines and the Ordnance Survey contacted. They say they have no replacement concrete rings and are unable to carry out any repair works. The actual metal marker is still in place and the ring only acted as a location marker. There are only 13 of this type in the whole of the UK, 7 being in Cumbria (now 6).

Trig point on Blencathra

As it was on 15 Aug 2018
Mon  03  Sep 2018
Evening at Chorley Photographic Society for the start of the new season. It was also the awards night. The Frank Sellers bowl award used to have the previous award winners around the base but I noticed the names prior to 2008 weren’t there anymore. My name used to be there.

Sat 01  Sep 2018
The Brindle Village Show was established in 1976 and this afternoon I paid a visit to enjoy the many displays of Arts, Crafts, Flowers, Baking, Fruits and many more. Congratulations to Whittle’s own Cllr Eric Bell who won the Onions section. Eric is obviously the onion specialist as he won that section at the Whittle-le-Woods Village Show last week.

Pat, Eric Bell & Wendy McDonnald

The tent is for the children's displays

One of Eric's winning onion displays

Pond Sat 01 Sep 2018 

Sun 01 July 2018 
Cycling home after the Brindle show I photographed the pond at High Cop Farm to comaprer it with 2 months ago during the drought
This evening Dean came over on his bike for 18:30 then we cycled up to Steve Limmer’s cabin on Hill Top Lane later cooked some chicken on stove fired by logs from trees from back of my garden.

Next door are moving away today.
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