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Boyd's photo diary.

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Fri 31  Aug 2018
Leaving Scotland and heading home

Camp on Cramond Island

About to cross the causeway
Thu 30  Aug 2018

Sunset from Cramond Island

Crossing the Forth Road Bridge
Wed 29  Aug 2018
Along the Forth and Clyde Canal I reached the 'Kelpies' by Andy Scott and Grangemouth.

The Kelpies by Andy Scott 

A Kelpie

Art in Alloa

Near Clackmannan by Andy Scott

By Andy Scott
Tue 28  Aug 2018
Off to Scotland to do some cycling and exploring

Preston Railway Station

Glasgow Central Railway Station
Canal basin Glasgow
First camp near Falkirk on the Roman Antonine Wall
Sat 25  Aug 2018
Today is the 13th Whittle-le-Woods Flower, Craft & Vegetable Show in the Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall from 14:00 to 15:30. Awards at 15:00. All are welcome to come along. The true number is 19 shows as the the first 6 were in the Scout Hut before the Village Hall was converted.

Prizewinners and guests at the show

The Village Hall

Fri  24  Aug 2018
A wet lunchtime walk up to Coppice Stile House ruins above White Coppice

The old slop stone used for washing clothes etc

Coins hammered into the tree branches
Wed 22  Aug 2018
Walked above white Coppice to investigate the quarries and old lead mine

Millstone above the quarries

Quarry today

the same view in 1927

In the lead mine by Black Brook

Lead mine by Black Brook
Tue  21  Aug 2018

Caught bus to Chorley then St Josephs Centre on Harpers Lane to give blood
Mon 20  Aug 2018

Evening walked to Top Lock Wheelton for outing with Chorley Photographic Society

The canal at Wheelton from the Top Lock

On bike ride over Alance Bridge. The reservoir level is still down

View from Alance Bridge

First thing left my car at Stocks Garage wheelton to have MOT test done on my car. Then walked home along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

The canal at Wheelton
Strings of pearls on the loch gates
Fri  17  Aug 2018
On my morning walktook this photo of the graveyards in St John's graveyard, Whittle-le-Woods
Thu  16  Aug 2018

On my cycle ride to Preston cycled up Back Lane to visit the new memorial bench to Rosemary Boyd. It’s in the trees by Annecy Drive. A lovely inscription reads:
To commemorate the life of Parish Councillor Rosemary Boyd.
10th March 1943 to 29th March 2017
A true champion of the environment and our heritage.

In Annecy woods, Clayton-le-Woods
To commemorate the life of Parish Councillor Rosemary Boyd.
10th March 1943 to 29th March 2017
A true champion of the environment and our heritage.
Mon  13  Aug 2018
Had an interesting evening out with Chorley Photographic Society at the Rivington Folly Castle. The light was rubbish so it was a bit of a challenge. I decided to cheat a bit with the software to make some images a bit more interesting.

Sat  11  Aug 2018

Morning bike ride into Preston and on the way saw that demolition of The Pines buildings at Clayton Green has started.

The Pines

The Pines Sep 2012

The Pines when a private house
Fri  10  Aug 2018

'I'm gonna be a star' Haweswater

Haweswater 10 Aug 2018
One of my favourite films is the 1987 ‘Withnail and I’ starring Paul McGann, Richard E. Grant & Richard Griffith. It is a dark and hilarious storyline with magnificent scenes filmed in Cumbria. The film is littered with fantastic quotes. I have visited many of the filming locations and this morning on my way to a walk by Haweswater Reservoir I called at the location of one of the visually classic scenes as Withnail (Richard E. Grant) declares “I’m gonna be a star”. The film would not have been finished without the support of HandMade Films and funding from George Harrison.

Fri 10 Aug 2018

7th Nov 2008
I always find it fascinating using photos to compare the same scene over time and the seasons. On Fri 10 Aug 2018 I was walking above Haweswater, Cumbria and took a photo from the Old Corpse Road. As a comparison I’ve included the same view taken 10 years ago in Nov 2008

Riggindale home of Englands last Golden Eagle

Buzzard seen on today's walk
Tue  07  Aug 2018
After over 9 years of politely asking a neighbour to have his trees thinned along our boundary the local contractors Treescape NW turned up today to make a start. A huge thanks to the guys who dismantled a large part of the trees overhanging my garden and cutting out a huge amount of light. The work is very labour intensive as the trees have to be dismantled from the top down and branches cut off individually.

Branches go through the wood chip machine

Reducing the trees to logs

Steve,  Ciaran & Ian.
Fri  03  Aug 2018
Castle Campbell, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.
Worth every penny of the £4.80 entrance charge.
Formerly known as the Castle of Glooms it is sited on a narrow ridge overlooked by the Ochil Hills. The 15th century fortress of Castle Campbell is located above Dollar Glen.
The oldest part is a 15th century tower around which other buildings were constructed. The Castle was once the home of the powerful Campbell earls of Argyll, and has connections with historical figures such as John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots.
In February 1490, Campbell petitioned the newly crowned King, James IV of Scotland, to formally change the name of Gloom to "Castle Campbell", and this was done by an act of parliament.
The private chambers had been altered by around 1600. The fine vaulted ceiling at the top of the tower, which features two grotesque carvings representing the Green Man – was part of the renovations.
Among the many important visitors to Castle Campbell were:
John Knox, the fiery Protestant preacher, in 1556
Mary Queen of Scots stayed at the castle from 9 to 12 January 1563. The visit was to attend the wedding of James Stuart, Lord Dounne to Margaret, sister of the 5th Earl of Argyle.
The Marquis of Montrose laid waste to the surrounding land in 1645, on behalf of the beleaguered Charles I. Cromwell’s lieutenant General Monck, who attacked the castle in 1654.

Castle Campbell

Castle Campbell

An engraving by David Octavius Hill (1802-1870) who later became a pioneer of photography.

Mary Queen of Scots

Site of the Banqueting Hall 

The Banqueting Hall in use 

Green Man on the top floor ceiling

One of the cellars

c1850 by R.W.Bilings

c1850 by R.W.Bilings

Thu  02  Aug 2018
In Scotland for a few days to do some walking.

Ben Cleuch in the Ochil Mountains
Wed  01  Aug 2018
At the north end of Burnley across from Sainsbury’s the map shows a location called ‘Burnley Cannons’ There are no cannons there now but there used to be.
This was the site of "The Cannons" captured by the Hon. Sir James Yorke Scarlett, at the battle of Balaclava, in the Crimean War.
All that remains is a fenced of area with a stone tablet that reads:
Russian Guns to the Borough of Burnley, Lieut-General Peel, Secretary of State for War, 1867.
The cannons survived the South African war and First World War, but not the Second World War, when they were taken by the War Ministry to be melted down for “the war effort”. However, it was found, when in Portsmouth, that the metal was unsuitable for modern military purposes, so they were taken out to sea and dumped off Southsea where they remain. A sad end to “Russian guns”, as The Cannons were sometimes called.

Where the cannons used to be

The Burnley guns

Russian Guns
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