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Boyd's photo diary.

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Fri 27  Oct 2017
This morning I visited the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Narrow Gauge Engine Maintenance Shed in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. The line runs uphill for about 55 miles to Darjeeling at 2,200 m (7,218 ft). It was incredible having free access to the locomotives and carriages being worked on. My only frustration was seeing a large bonfire at the far end of the site. They were burning many old steam engine maintenance manuals. I recued one to read and found it fascinating. I would have loved to have preserved it for posterity but it was wrestled from me by an overzealous official and I had no choice but to hand it back. Officialdom in India is mindless and any further resistance would have meant the police being called.
Sun 22  Oct 2017
Still trekking in the high Himalayas of Sikkim. I wouldn’t have got anywhere without our amazing support crew and Sherpa guides. With the help of Udan our Sirdar I managed to rig up a photo studio in the mess tent using a piece of old sleeping mat as a background and Uden holding my portable reflector as light fill in. At 4,163m (13,658ft) it must have been one of the highest photo studios.
I photographed most of the team and here are three that represent the amazing faces. At 4,163m (13,658ft) it must one of the highest photo studios.
Chety one of the Dzo-men

Santabir - Cook

Rinju – porter
Mon 02  Oct 2017
We had an excellent night at Chorley Photographic Society as we held the annual portrait photography practical sessions. Three lighting setups were available for anyone wanting to take portraits and three wonderful models to pose. Thanks to Karen, Emma and Brad for making the evening a great success.


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