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Boyd's photo diary.

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Wed 30  Aug 2017

Trees across Crummock Water, Cumbria
Tue 29  Aug 2017

My good friend for the last 7 years, my Yaris car, is being towed away after someone ran into it.
Sat 26  Aug 2017

Today is the 12th Annual Whittle-le-Woods Flower, Craft & Vegetable Show in the Village Hall, Union St., Whittle-le-Woods.
It was a wonderful afternoon of entries and displays. Many thanks to all the entrants and of course the organisers who made it all happen.

Mission control at the Village Hall


Great photo entries

Great photo entries


Viewing the entries

Tue 22  Aug 2017

While cycling through Chorley I stopped to have a look at the Community Vegetable Garden and photograph some of the wild flowers by the verge

Chorley Community Vegetable Garden

A montage of  some of the wild flowers
Mon 21  Aug 2017
The Chorley Photographic Society outing was at the Top Lock Inn but wasn't very photogenic. I took this photo while walking home down Dolphin Brow, Whittle-le-Woods
Fri 18  Aug 2017

Some interesting chess men by the A828 outside Appin Holiday Homes near Creagan

I stopped here for a good view of Castle Stalker across the bay. It was used as a location for filming part of the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The present castle dates from around 1440

Scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Thu 17  Aug 2017

Another rainy day. This is the Corran ferry

The old railway water tank building at Kentallen

My last camp near Kentallen looking across Loch Linnhey

Loch Linnhey view from my tent
Wed 16  Aug 2017

A very rainy ride to the Ardnamuchan Point lighthouse

The original fresnel lens at Ardnamurchan. A new led system is now in use

The generator room at Ardnamurchan
Tue 15  Aug 2017

On Iona the new ferry terminal waiting room is now finished

Inside the waiting room. Unfortunately if you catch the early ferry the room is locked

Each cairn represents one generation of the MacGillivray family. They would rest a coffin here on the way to the graveyard. The cairns have been reconstructed by Natural Trust for Scotland volunteers

Part of the ruined township of Salacry near Tiroran, Mull
During the week I was cycling across the Isle of Mull when I was astonished to see that huge double decker buses were now using the narrow single track road between Craignure and Finonnphort. The road is over 30miles long and links the island between west and east. The narrow stone bridge at Pennyghael is the only road access to the west of the island and ferry to the Isle of Iona. There is no weight restriction sign for the bridge and it is certainly not built for vehicles of this size and weight. Any damage to the bridge would cut off access to Iona and its Abbey. This would stop the hugely important tourist trade and empty the hotels.
Mon 14  Aug 2017

Cycling across Mull I saw this scarecrow entry

The Red Monk of Iona Amber Ale

On the Isle of Iona this is the Abbey

The Abbey cloisters
Sun 13  Aug 2017

Me and bike heading for the Isle of Mull on the ferry

While on the ferry had a meal. It was good but £9.25 was extortionate
Thu 10  Aug 2017

The business end of an Avro Lancaster Bomber.
This morning visited the Duxford Imperial War Museum near Cambridge. For me one of the most iconic aircraft there was the WWII Avro Lancaster Bomber. The bomb bay could hold a variety of bombs depending on the targets. 14no 1,000lb (6 ¼ tons) would be carried for bombing factories, railway yards and shipyards.
Replica Hurricane at the entrance
With modifications to some Lancaster’s it was used to carry a single 22,000lb (10tons) “Grand Slam” bomb against armoured and underground targets.
In May 1943 the Dam Busters Lancaster bombers on operation Chastise dropped bouncing bombs on the Ruhr Valley Dams. The Barnes Wallace designed Bouncing Bombs were filled at ROF Euxton, Chorley.

A bouncing bomb

Avro Lancaster nose turret

Avro Lancaster Bomber

Looking inside the fuselage to the rear gunners turret

B17 Flying Fortress

Memphis Belle B17 Flying Fortress
Messerschmitt Bf 109E The aircraft crash landed in a field near East Dean Sussex.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird is a long-range, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft that was operated by the United States Air Force from 1966.

9.2in Coastal Defence Gun first installed in the Spur Battery, Gibraltar Rock in 1902. It had a maximum range of 16miles.

BAC Concorde 1976 - 2003

BAC Concorde 1976 - 2003

The V-1 flying bomb also known to the Allies as the buzz bomb or doodlebug.
It had a 850kg Amatol warhead and a range of 160miles at 400mph.

After the mass destruction of property during WW2 there was a need for quick and cheap housing. The 'Prefab' Prefabricated houses were built everywhere.

The side of war that tends to be forgotten. Children being sent away to the country for the duration.
Wed 09  Aug 2017

Even on a dull rainy morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods the colours of nature show through on a School Brow wall
Tue 08  Aug 2017

After a day on the hills to the west of Keswick, Cumbria I descended into Whinlatter Forest.
It was very dark under the dense tree canopy so I had to steady my camera on a tree trunk for the slow exposure. Overexposing the image slightly can make the colours look interesting.
Mon 07  Aug 2017

Impressionistic view of the reeds in Cuerden Valley
Sun 06  Aug 2017

Some heavy rain along the A6 this evening.
Sat 05  Aug 2017

Out on a bike ride over Mellor. Saw this view towards the Bowland Fells

Had an evening walk along the old canal by Town Lane. Then post processed this view that some call digital doping
Fri 04  Aug 2017

This morning I had my usual 2 yearly eye test but this time had the option of an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) which is an optical scan of the inside of the eye. The scan produces an in-depth analysis of the eye tissues which a computer can process to show a variety of sectional images and 3-D views. The results give an early warning of any possible current or future problems. The eye test was free and the OCT an extra £35. It was worth it just to see the lovely images on screen.

Thu 03  Aug 2017
Mum died just over 7 years ago at the age of 94. She was a lifelong fan of Astley Hall, Chorley and was a member of the Friends of Astley Hall Group for many decades. This photo shows Mum outside Astley Hall in the 1930s and the same view of the Hall this afternoon

Mum in the 1930s

Astley Hall Thu 3rd Aug 2017
Wed 02  Aug 2017

Looking towards Rannerdale Knotts with Crummock Water on the right

Last week I walked over Grasmoor in Cumberland but didnt see anything because of low cloud. I returned today to do the walk again, the other way round, and managed some views.

Coledale Hause
just as the rain started
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