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Boyd's photo diary.

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Fri 30  Jun 2017

As many pubs are closing it's good to see one that's about to re-open. Everyone is working flat out at the Masons Arms at the top of Harpers Lane, Chorley to be able to open to the public tomorrow, 4pm Saturday 1st July 2017.
The pub has been extensively renovated by many local craftsmen and the cellar stocked with a good variety of beers at the right price.

Masons Arms cellar

This is an image from a glass lantern slide of the Hark to Bounty Inn, Slaidburn. It belongs to Chris Spencer who is writing a history of the area. The name over the door is Mary Jane Towler and Chris says she was landlady from c1900 to after the 1911 census.

For anyone fascinated by useless information (that includes me) the 999 emergency telephone number is 80 today (Fri 30 June 2017).
It was first introduced on 30 June 1937 in the UK and is the world's oldest emergency call telephone service.

Thu 29  Jun 2017
A very rainy walk over Hallin Fell in Cumbria. This view is of Ullswater

Tue 27  Jun 2017

River Lee Navigation on my way to London I saw Rosie Swale Pope’s Jog_Pod by the towpath. When she was Rosie Swale I read all her yachting adventure books. It looked like she was inside but still asleep so I didn’t knock on the door.
Mon 26  Jun 2017
View from my tent in a sunny Epping Forest

Sun 25  Jun 2017

Castle Hills, Huntingdon. This is the site of Huntington Castle built in 1068. The fire beacon was erected in 1988 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the victory over the Spanish Armada in 1588.

Statue of Oliver Cromwell in St Ives

Afternoon tea and scones (home made by John) in Cambridge
Sat 24  Jun 2017

River Nene Way, Northampton

Fri 23  Jun 2017
Heading south with my bike to do some cycle touring

Preston Railway Station on the way to Birmingham New Street

The new cathedral was designed mt Sir Basil Spence and started in 1956 and competed in 1962. I think it is hideous.

Midday in Coventry. This is the old bombed out Cathedral and the 1950s replacement on the right

St Michael's Victory over the Devil, a sculpture by Jacob Epstein on the new cathedral.

Godiva, Countess of Mercia, died 1067. She was an English noblewoman who, according to a legend dating at least to the 13th century, rode naked – covered only in her long hair – through the streets of Coventry to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation that her husband imposed on his tenants.

Lady Godiva statue in Coventry

Man's Struggle 1957 by Walter Ritchie (1919 - 1997)
Thu 22  Jun 2017

While on my morning walk in the drizzle I noticed this child’s lost hat on Factory Lane near Cheeky Monkeys.

Wed 21  Jun 2017

The Summer Solstice and longest day today. I cycled to Denham Hill to hopefully watch the sunrise but it was cloudy so nothing to see.

This is where the sun would be at sunrise
I cycled back to Denham Hill, Brindle in the evening but there was still too much cloud so no view of the sunset.
I had some wine left over from Father’s Day last Sunday so had a glass to celebrate it being the warmest solstice on record. I found the glass was a perfect fit on the trig post.

A new use for the trig pillar
Tue 20  Jun 2017
This morning I was walking in Cumbria with a variety of weather and light. This is an early view up Bannerdale from St Martin’s Church near Ullswater.

Sun 18  Jun 2017
Cycle ride via Walton-le-Dale, Roach Bridge, Tockholes and Abbey Village

The old paper Mill building at Roach Bridge

St Stephen's Old School Tockholes
Average speed cameras on Belmont now live.

Evening walk along canal & pasta salad picnic
with a Father’s Day glass of wine.
Sat 17  Jun 2017
The Whittle-le-Woods ‘Picnic on the Polo’ celebrations were blessed with warm sunny weather this year. The event is timed to coincide with the Queen’s Official Birthday and Trooping the Colour. With great weather and many event for the children over 120 people turned up to have a wonderful afternoon in the sun. A surprise bonus for the visitors was a free Commemorative Picture Book of the Whittle Ox-Roast that was held almost exactly 30 years ago on 20 June 1987. There were several parents in the family groups who could see pictures of themselves as children at St John’s School 30 years ago.

Contestants in the Best Crown competition

Pupils at St John's School June 1987

Lindsay Taylor 1987

Lindsey Lynch (Taylor)

Daniel Brazier 1987

Daniel Brazier today

Children's entertainer

Fri 16  Jun 2017

Digitising some old B&W negs by re-photographing them. The Long Churn cave system in Yorkshire connects with the main Alum Pot shaft. It gives an incredible view up the huge chasm to daylight and sometimes sunlight.

Wed 14  Jun 2017
After a long day on the Cumbrian fells (Wed 14 June 2017) I descended into Martindale on the east side of Ullswater. There are two churches in the valley but I find the original ‘Old St Martin’s’ the most interesting. The first mention of it is 1220 but the current building is late 16th century. I love its simplicity.

The Old St Martin's Church

On my drive home I reached the Clayton-le-Woods, A6 roundabout to see an overturned milk tanker about to be recovered. The driver was unhurt.

Sun 11  Jun 2017

Did some test photos on my old Tamron SP 350mm f/5.6 Catadioptric (mirror) telephoto with a Nikon mount. It dates from around 1981. The photographic mirror telephotos don’t get a good press these days though they are still available at a reasonable price.

Sat 10  Jun 2017

Rain all day but eventualy it stopped and was able to get this low level photo on Factory Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.
Fri 09  Jun 2017

The Chorley in Bloom Group planted this barge by Chorley Town Hall

Celebrates the 200 year anniversary of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal 1816 - 2016 sponsored by Chorley Building Society

Work continues on Chorley Flat iron to build stuff on the open car park and market stall area

Blesssed Roger Wrenno (Wrennall) 1576-1616 Martyr for his faith hanged at Lancaster 18th March 1616. A weaver of Market Street Chorley. Erected by Chorley Civic Society 2000

Market Street entrance to St Mary's Church

Work continues on Chorley Flat iron to build stuff on the open car park and market stall area

The wayside marker at the junction of Grimeford Ln and Rivington Lane.
The top square stone is original but the column base is from another location

From Town Lane, Whittle-le-Woods a footpath follows the River Lostock upstream to two tunnels of differing ages and uses. The first is near Martin House and built of stone. It carries the old abandoned line of the south length of the Lancaster Canal over the River Lostock. The canal opened through Whittle-le-Woods in 1803. The next tunnel near North Bank Cottages is of concrete and carries the M61 Motorway over the path with the Lostock underneath. Construction started in 1967 and was opened in 1969.

Under the old canal

Path under the M61 and over the Lostock
Thu 08  Jun 2017

A rainy for the election

The Whittle-le-Woods Polling Station just after 7am for the General Election day.

With a lot of political uncertainty at the moment I thought it would be nice to see how well the new (strong & stable) Community Edible Garden is growing on Preston St., Chorley (near B&Q).
Congratulations to the volunteers who are making it happen.

Wed 07  Jun 2017
In Scotland in the Schiehallion area to do some walking.

Tairneachan & Schiehallion in the centre distance just off the access track to the Foss Mine
Tue 06  Jun 2017
A short wet and rainy walk to find McGregor's Cave above Dunalastair Water

Wet walk throught he woods

One of 2 doorways into McGregor's Cave

Interior of McGregor's Cave

The ruinous Dunalastair House

Fantasy software treatment

Grab shot of a lovely Red Squirrel
To the right is an amazing garden feature near Crossmount House
Mon 05  Jun 2017
In Scotland in the Schiehallion area to do some walking.

A wet lay bye near Dunalastair Water

The bothy at Blar na Feadaig is substantial and cosy

The summit of Schiehallion

Site of the 1774 observation station used by Astronomer Royal Nevil Maskelyne to measure the pendulum swing to calculate the mass off the Earth.
Sat 03  Jun 2017
Two interesting protective brick spring covers. Both are the same design and on the original Hoghton Estate.

Knowles Farm spring

Same construction at Hoghton Bottoms

Friends Meeting House at Goodshaw

Friends Meeting House drawing
Fri 02  Jun 2017
It's always fun to digitise old 35mm transparencies. These are a recent selection I've just converted.

CJ Binns above Loch Einich to Braeriach Feb 1978

Brother Dean on the Aonach Eagach Ridge in 1979

Me and brother Dean
in the Cairngorms

Hugh St Lawrence underground
with the Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club

Solo winter camp below Beinn Eighe, Scotland Feb 1977
Thu 01  Jun 2017
My father died 38 years ago today so I cycled to Pleasington Crematorium to view the Book of Remembrance where the page is open with his name showing.

Book of Remembrance

Pleasington Crematorium

Some new signs I saw on the cycle ride

I've no idea what they are.
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