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Boyd's photo diary.

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Thu 28  Sep 2017
Heading off for a bike camping trip across Scotland

Crossing the River Ribble at the old tram road

Reaching Sanquhar Rail Station
Mon 25  Sep 2017
A rainy morning view of St John's Churchyard, Whittle-le-Woods.
Sat 23  Sep 2017
Afternoon cycled to Paul Hewitt Cycles to buy a new seat pillar for Ogre touring bike. Cycled home via the M6 underpass where Moss Lane used to go. Before the barriers were fitted people used to drive mini cars through.
Fri 22  Sep 2017
Today is the Autumnal Equinox when day and night are the same length (almost). I had a great view of Venus in the east as I walked to the Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War memorial where I took this photo by torch light.
Thu 21  Sep 2017

DA rainy walk above Tummel Bridge to visit this ancient incised cross.


Dense woodland on the ay back to the car.

Wed 20  Sep 2017

Drove via Kenmore then up the steep road to the south to a small car park up a rough track. Overcast and drizzle as I did a short walk through the trees and over Kenmore Hill.

Approaching Kenmore Hill


Near the summit of Kenmore Hill is this substantial cairn which overlooks Loch Tay and Kenmore town

Just below Kenmore Hill
Tue 19  Sep 2017

This morning drove to Scotland to do some walking

Kettle and stove in a bothy above Loch Rannoch

The sun was going down as I returned to my car by Loch Rannoch
Mon 18  Sep 2017
Evening drove to Brindle Historical Society to give my Diving into History talk. Steve came. Geoff from Chorley Sub-Aqua Club came and I haven’t seen him since the Clayton Reservoir opening.
Alec Burford was at the meeting and told me about his father Alexis Oswald Burford who served in the Royal Marine Light Infantry and was at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands on 21 June 1919 when the German Fleet was scuttled.

Alexis Oswald Burford who served in the Royal Marine Light Infantry 

Captured German Naval hat after the Scapa Flow scuttling
Sun 17  Sep 2017

Late morning bike ride via Bolton to photograph site of the execution of James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby on 15 October 1651
He joined Charles II at Worcester and was defeated in the last battle of the Civil War on 3 September 1651. He was captured and later sentenced to death. His execution took place on 15 October 1651 at the market cross in Churchgate, Bolton.

The current market cross

Nearby by the Parish Church is the grave of Samuel Crompton (1753-1827) inventor of the spinning mule, a machine that revolutionised the industrial revolution.
Fri 15  Sep 2017

Morning view of Factory Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.

I had my lunchtime butties by the stone shelter Jack Sharples built near Great Hill.
Thu 14  Sep 2017
The small chapel at Pleasington Crematorium, Blackburn was filled to capacity this afternoon as family and friends joined in a service of thanksgiving for Jack Sharples (1929-2nd Sep 2017).
Jack did many artistic stone carvings but it was fascinating hearing the Eulogy from Jack’s good friend Alan Porter who had known Jack for much longer than me. We heard the lengths they would go to in their birdwatching expeditions. They would frequently ride their bikes across northern England to the east coast and this would take 2 or 3 days each way. Jack’s stone carvings around Whittle-le-Woods will be a lasting legacy to his memory. He was the most talented and amazing man I ever met.

Jack with his dog George 

Jack arrives at Pleasington Crematorium

The Chapel
Wed 13  Sep 2017

After a great walk over Black Combe in Cumbria I saw this nice view of the Duddon Sands estuary.
Tue 12  Sep 2017

The memorial Yew tree to local councillor & historian Rosemary Boyd (1943-2017) who died in March 2017 was planted near the Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War Memorial some time ago. It was originally in a pot in Rosemary's garden and her family gave permission for it to be moved. A plaque to acknowledge her work in maintaining the War Memorial for over 18 years has recently been added.

The plaque reads: In memory of Councillor Mrs Rosemary Boyd who was a dedicated member of the War Memorial Committee for 18 years

Rosemary in 2013 

This afternoon caught the bus to Preston to attended the funeral of Pete Ward (10 Apr 1934 – 27 Aug 2017) at St John’s Minster, Preston. Pete was a great cycling friend many years ago when we rode for the Ribble Valley Cycle Racing Club in the 1960s. Pete had been one of the country’s top racing cyclists in the 1950s and rode the Tour of Britain several times. He was also a great organiser in other areas including representing the Unions and Political campaigns to right wrongs. He instigated the Preston Guild wheel which is a cycle route around the Preston boundary. For that he was awarded the M.B.E. I cycled the route with Pete in 2011 and I’ve included a picture of him on that ride. His coffin arrived with an escort of many cyclists from his Ribble Valley team mates.

Pete cycling the Guild Wheel cycle route in 2011

Pete at his 80th birthday get-together in 2014

Pete's coffin arrives. For once he is on time.

Pete's coffin in Preston Minster
Mon 11  Sep 2017

Heavy rain overnight had just stopped as I went on my morning walk then started again as I got home. The level of Carr Brook by the Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War memorial was quite high.
Sat 09  Sep 2017

Last Saturday 2 Sep 2017 my great friend Jack Sharples died.
I copied this photo with the permission of his widow Muriel. I don't know who took it.
This afternoon Park St Unitarian Chapel was open to visitors as part of the Open Heritage Weekend events. Doreen Jolly of the Chapel and also a member of Chorley Historical & Archaeological Society gave us a detailed talk about the history of the Chapel and its place in Chorley’s history. It was built in 1725 and then became Chorley’s second church after the Parish Church. The third was Hollishead Street Church.

Doreen took us on a walk through history as we went outside to view the reconstructed steps from Water Street then a fascinating look at Park Road. Park Road was constructed in 1820 using the labour of unemployed men who had returned from the Napoleonic Wars. The construction and surfacing was designed by John McAdam (1756-1836) who was a famous road builder and pioneer of road construction. The road was opened in 1822 by Lady Hoghton. She then travelled to the Preston Guild.

Doreen Jolly leads the history walk

Park Road opened 1822

Originally a warehouse on Park Street

Beresford House.
The first house on Park Road 1823
Fri 08  Sep 2017

A windy walk on the Cumbrian fells.
This is a south view towards Crummock Water
Tue 05  Sep 2017

A rainy morning walk along Factory Ln., Whittle-le-Woods
Mon 04  Sep 2017

First meeting of the new season at Chorley Photographic Society
at St Mary's Centre, Devonshire Rd., Chorley.
Below are some of the stone carvings by Jack Sharples (1929-2017)
that can be seen around Whittle-le-Woods

St Mary's Well monument

Jack and Muriel
Wedding photo 1960

Jack Sharples (1929-2017)
Sat 02  Sep 2017

Jack, Eric & myself by Robin Hood's Well. Feb 2007.

On Holcombe Moor 2007
My great friend Jack Sharples of Hall’s Square, Town Ln., Whittle-le-Woods died at home this morning at the age of 88.
He had been ill for some time and was now housebound.
His long distance walking exploits in the search for knowledge and history were legendary to the people who knew him.
He was also a keen bird watcher and would frequently sleep out on the moors to watch the migrating birds. Of his many skills a lasting legacy will be the many stone carvings he did and many can be seen around the area, though many do not know who carved them.

Jack on Anglezarke Moor Nov 2006.

Site of Pilgrim's Cross on Holcombe Moor. Feb 2007

An excellent portrait of Jack Sharples by the artist Will Simm.

This afternoon cycled to Brindle to the Brindle Village Show which was first established in 1976. It was great to see so many fantastic entries and lots of spectators.

Brindle Village Hall

Brindle Parish Institute 1923 Rebuilt 2006

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