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Rannoch Station, Tummel Bridge, Glen Garry, Pitlochry, Dunkeld, Dundee, Scotland.
(4 day bike-pack)
Mon 22 May - Thu 25 May 2017

Mon 22 May 2017

Mon 22 May 2017
Tue 23 May 2017
Wed 24 May 2017
Thu 25 May 2017
Cycled to Preston Rly Stn to catch the 08:15 train to Glasgow Central. There were already 2 bikes on the train but only 1 going direct through to Glasgow. More bikes got on on the way and we arrived on time in Glasgow Central Station at 10:36.
The tickets needed for my journey

Preston Railway Station

Glasgow Central
Iím heading for Rannoch Station and the next leg of my journey is to catch the train from Glasgow Queen Street. It was only a short cycle ride to the station and I arrived in plenty of time. I was booked on the 12:21 so had almost 2 hours to wait. I parked my bike in the station and sat down next to it. I got up to take a photograph and wandered a short way off to take the photo. One of the railway staff warned me about leaving the bike and said it would be removed if I didn't return.
Glasgow Queen Street

Bike on the Rannoch train

Riding across Rannoch Moor
I waited for the train and when it arrived I needed to get on the rear end of the train. The first two carriages go to Oban and the last 4 continue to Mallaig. The train splits at Crianlairich. I wheeled my bike into the cycle compartment and the train inspector made me take all the panniers off. He said I was taking up too much space and should hang the bike from a hook on the roof. Being the guard he should have known that I was the only bike and no other bikes where on for the whole of my journey. It is a very slow train which gave the opportunity to gaze out of the window for a large part of the journey.
Rannoch Station
Unfortunately the weather was dull, overcast and rain at times. I reached Rannoch station on time at 15:09. I unloaded my panniers onto the platform then wheeled my bike off and stopped for a while for a look around. Considering that there is only a single road leading to the station there were quite a few people in the cafe.
Rannoch Station museum

Rannoch footbridge, only access

Only access to Rannoch Station
One of the cafe staff filled my 2 litre water bottle with drinking water. The water was very brown but that didn't bother me. Unfortunately the only access between road and station is via a high foot bridge. I carried my panniers over the bridge and then returned for my bike. I re-assembled everything and set off cycling east along the road.
Rannoch from the footbridge


River by camp one

I hadn't planned to go very far and when I reach the river after a couple of kilometres I found a good spot to pitch the tent. It was quite windy and rain was just starting. I pitched my tent next to a small lay-be next to the river. I just got the tent up in time as the rain became very heavy. There was no signal for my phone or FM reception for radio. However I managed to get long wave so I could listen to radio 4.