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Fri 31 Jul 2015

Mum died 5 years ago today.

Pleasington Crematorium

The Book of Remembrance

The memorial bench to Mum in the Garden of Remembrance, Withnell Fold

The Garden of Remembrance, Withnell Fold

Thu 30 Jul 2015



The railway platform at Cruachan

The summit of Ben Cruachan


On the drive home, shortly after Callander, my Toyota reached 100,000 miles

Wed 29 Jul 2015

Looking down in to Glen Etive

On the way to Glen Coe

Culvert under the old military road
Glen Coe

Glen Coe old road.
Higher up is the old military road
engineered by General Caulfield c1751



View from the jetty on Loch Etive

Loch Etive

Tue 28 Jul 2015

Brief stop by Loch Lomond on my drive to Scotland

Footbridge over the River Awe

Bonawe iron Furnace 1753 to 1876



View from the jetty on Loch Etive

Catholic Church of the Visitation Taynuilt

Sun 26 Jul 2015
A new bench has been located by Denham hill overlooking Darwen Tower, Denham Farm, Rivington and Winter Hill.
Sat 25 Jul 2015

Cycling home through Farington I stopped to have a look at this fantastic display based on a shuttle & bobbins. It's at the junction of Stanifield Ln & Mill St. It commemorates the nearby Farington Mill that closed in 1971 and is now gone.
Thu 23 Jul 2015

Morning view near the tent

The current Tay Rail Bridge

The first bridge after the collapse in 1879

I stopped to take in the view of the bridge which has a fascinating history.
The first Tay Rail Bridge collapsed while a train was passing over it, killing all aboard. The bridge was designed by Sir Thomas Bouch. It collapsed during a violent storm on 28 December 1879. seventy-five passengers and crew died.


Visited RRS Discovery in dry dock at Dundee. She took Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton to the Antarctic in 1901 - 1904.
Scott returned to the Antarctic on the Terra Nova Expedition 1910–1912 to reach the South Pole. Scott and his team perished on their return from the pole. The Terra Nova sank off Greenland in 1943.

The Wheel

The Wardroom on the Discovery

Wed 22 Jul 2015

Muddy cycle tunnel on the way to Burtisland

Wonderful waymarker on the way to St Andrews

GW marked in the tarmac on The Scores, St Andrews, Scotland marks the spot where the Protestant Preacher George Wishart (1513-1546) was burnt at the Stake. He was betrayed to Cardinal Beaton, brought here, put in the Sea Tower & condemned for heresy. He was burnt at the stake on 1 March 1546. His friends got their revenge on the Cardinal on 26 May by gaining entry to the castle and killing him. They then hung his body from the battlements.
Then together in the castle they created the first congregation of the Protestant Church in Scotland.

Grassy sand dunes and sky at Tentsmuir Sands

Tue 21 Jul 2015

When war broke out in 1939 Grangemouth airfield was under control of No13 Group RAF Fighter Command. In 1940 No 58 Operational Training Unit was established to train pilots in Spitfires & Hurricanes. Between 1940 & 1944, 71 pilots & aircrew were killed in training accidents. The airfield closed in 1955 & this Mk1 Spitfire marks it's location.

Cycling over the Forth Road Bridge


St Fillan's Church, Aberdour, Scotland. Parts date back to 1123 and it is one of the finest examples of simple Norman architecture in Scotland.

Mon 20 Jul 2015
Heading north on the Virgin train from Preston to Glasgow with my bike. The warning under the toilet lid is also broadcast on the speakers.

Please don't flush
Nappies, sanitary towels, paper towels, gum, old phones, unpaid bills, junk mail, your ex's sweater, hopes, dreams or goldfish
down this toilet.



The sculpture 'Rise' by Andy Scott



Another sculpture by Andy Scott. This is the memorial at Ibrox Stadium - Rangers F.C.

to the 66 fans who died in 1971
2 fans in 1961 &
25 fans in 1902



One of my objectives is to cycle the length of the Forth and Clyde canal. This is the Clyde end

Sun 19 Jul 2015
The Ironman triathlon was held today. The cycling section rode through Wittle-le-Woods.

Top of Birchin Ln., Whittle-le-Woods

Heading up Denham Ln.

Oh dear.. a puncture on the A6


Along the A6

Sat 18 Jul 2015
Morning visit to the Museum of Lancashire, Stanley St., Preston. After a presentation on the Silverdale Hoard by Susan Ashworth & Dot Boughton I was able to see some of the artefacts. Also on display was part of the Cuerdale Hoard. Amazing to see the originals.

Some of the Silverdale Hoard (photo by British Museum)

Cuerdale Hoard


This afternoon I was cycling along part of the Ironman triathlon course between Belmont & Rivington when I noticed a sign advising people not to paint on the road. It was soon followed by a stretch of road that had been painted on. It's hard to know how to stop it.

Thu 16 Jul 2015

70 years ago today 16 July 1945 was the dawn of two suns. The first atomic bomb test. Observers in New Mexico saw the sun rise in the east & a brighter light in the south. The World changed forever.


I heard that Current Valley Park was in financial difficulties. I love walking through Cuerden Valley & would be happy to make a voluntary donation if a box were available. I don't think signs like this help.

Wed 15 Jul 2015

Arriving at Euston Railway Station, London

Outside Euston Railway Station with the statue of  Robert Stephenson on the right.


In London at Community Archives Heritage Group annual conference. Amazing presentation this morning by Prof Michael Wood. I think this is the 9th conference.

Prof Michael Wood


Mon 13 Jul 2015




Another wet Monday evening for the Chorley Photographic Society outing. We were at Blackpool Tower & the Comedy Carpet.


Sat 11 Jul 2015
Evening walked to Whittle Village Hall. It was the 60th (diamond) wedding anniversary celebration of Eric and Pat Bell. The actual day was 9th July. A great evening get together of family and friends.

Eric and Pat this evening

Eric and Pat's wedding 1955

Some of the Bell clan

Queen Elizabeth II


A Diamond Wedding greeting from the Queen

Out on bike via Belmont this morning then called at St Mary’s Church Club on Harper’s Ln Chorley to see the fantastic display of working model trains, tracks, railway stations & street scenes at St Peters Church Meeting Room by St Peters Church, Harper's Ln Chorley. The event is supported by Leyland Model Railway Club. Entry is £1.50 with proceeds going to aid the Sierra Leone Ebola epidemic. Open today 10am to 4pm. Teas, bacon butties & cakes available at very low prices.

St Peters Church Meeting Room

Fri 10 Jul 2015

From Drinkwater's ruin looking
to White Coppice

At lunchtime walked to the summit of Great Hill from White Coppice. Then enjoyed a picnic lunch of sandwiches.

From Drinkwater's ruin looking towards Great Hill
Wed 08 Jul 2015


This morning called at Ghyllside Cycles in Ambleside then drove to Steve's near Hesket Newmarket to leave my car and go for cycle ride.

near The Cycle Cafe, Greystoke
Mon 06 Jul 2015
This evening was a Chorley Photographic Society visit to Astley Park, Chorley. The weather was very dull and soon the rains came. Our models and Society members weren't deterred.
Pink Floyd are one of my all-time favourite bands. They made their first appearance on Top of the Pops on 6 July 1967, 48 years ago today. They performed ‘See Emily Play’ with the original line up including Syd Barrett who wrote the song. He was later replaced by David Gilmour.
Sun 05 Jul 2015
While out on an evening walk I took the photo on the right of Copthurst Bridge, Whittle-le-Woods. The left photo is the same scene taken by Edward Hodkinson in the 1920s.
The interesting thing about the location is that it was the scene of a terrible accident in 1871. The Brindle Workhouse would soon be closing as the new Workhouse in Chorley neared completion.
Samuel Stancliffe, the last master, had also been appointed to set up and run the new workhouse at Eaves Lane in Chorley. This ‘new’ workhouse was to replace both the smaller Chorley one and the large workhouse he was already running in Brindle. Samuel, however, never lived to see the project through.
On a dark and stormy November night, he was coming back from the new project in Chorley with his overseer by the back lanes north of Chorley to Brindle when his pony and cart overturned in a flooding stream at Lower Copthurst. The pony and Samuel Stancliffe were drowned and the overseer died soon afterwards.
The incident was covered extensively in the national press.
It was also documented in the diary of Thomas Blinkhorn Parke, the owner / manager of Withnell Fold Paper Mill.
He said:
1871 Tue 14 Nov T.B.P. diary
Wet afternoon. Gaskell & Brindle Workhouse Governor upset at Copster Bridge @ 7:30 PM
Pony & Governor were both Dead when found and Gaskell Died soon after getting home.
Thanks to Bernard Fleming of Brindle for some of the above information.
Sat 04 Jul 2015


Cycling though Chorley I noticed the flag flying over St Laurence's, Chorley Parish Church is the stars and stripes. Presumably this is because today is the 4th July

On my ride home though Euxton I had a look at the new War Memorial which is almost finished. I don't like the pyramid on the top.
Thu 02 Jul 2015
On my walk today in Northumberland I crossed over the Lambley Railway Viaduct which was built in 1852 for the Alston branch of the Newcastle and Carlisle railway and trains brought lead and coal down the valley to Haltwhistle station

Engineers drawing

Wed 01 Jul 2015
It was the hottest day of the year so far. I'd been to Chorley on the bus to do some errands and decided to walk home via the Mormon Temple.
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