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Boyd's photo diary.

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Sat 28 Feb 2015


Today was the Lancashire Local History Federation Spring Day School at Haigh Hall near Wigan.

A great day of fascinating presentations based on:

1215 and all that.
'Living under the law in medieval north-west'

Haigh Hall

Tue 24 Feb 2015


The piano raft that passed through Whittle-le-Woods last July is now moored on the Leeds & Liverpool canal at Blackburn. There was no sign of life.

Canal art, Blackburn

Thu 19 Feb 2015

Priest in Lalibela

Connecting tunnel between
rock hewn churches

Young lady in Lalibela

Young lady in Lalibela

Wed 18 Feb 2015

St George's rock hewn church

Man at Lalibela

Sunset from Lalibela

Mon 16 Feb 2015

Young lady at Ambiquo

Young man at Ambiquo

View from Cheneck

Sun 15 Feb 2015

Summit of Ras Dashen (4,543m)
The highest mountain in Ethiopia

View from the summit

Lady on the descent of Ras Dashen

Young man at Ambiquo

Sat 14 Feb 2015

Bored baboon

Leaving Cheneck


Fri 13 Feb 2015

Children above Geech

View on the way to Cheneck

Landscape near Cheneck

Thu 12 Feb 2015

Our armed guards

View from Imetgogo

Landscape above Geech

Wed 11 Feb 2015

Coffee ceremony at  Geech

Sunset from Geech

Sunset from Geech

Tue 10 Feb 2015

Around Gondar

Around Gondar

Around Gondar

Young lady in Debark

Mon 09 Feb 2015

Around Gondar

Around Gondar

Around Gondar

Young lady in Gondar

Around Gondar

Sun 08 Feb 2015

Arriving in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa Museum & First Homo Sapien display 'Lucy'

One of the first cars in Ethiopia

Sat 07 Feb 2015
Waiting for a plane at Heathrow terminal 2
Fri 06 Feb 2015

Sad to see Outdoor World on Chapel St has ceased trading.


All packed ready for tomorrows trip to Ethiopia

Sun 01 Feb 2015

At Balqudidder Kirk to visit the grave of Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734) Though there is some dispute about his actual burial spot. He died very near here after a duel so here makes more sense.
While in the graveyard this delightful robin was keeping an eye on me while perched on a gravestone.
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