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Blackburn, Livesey Branch Rd., Tockholes, Darwen Jubilee Tower, Great Hill, White Coppice, Lancashire.
(2 day back-pack)
Tue 02 Feb - Thu 04 Feb 2021

Tue 02 Feb 2021
Tue 02 Feb 2021  
Wed 03 Feb 2021  
Thu 04 Feb 2021  
With 2 days supplies in my rucksack I walked up to the bus stop at Shaw Hill to catch the 12:16 to Chorley. The service is now reduced from 6 per hour to 4. The bus was about 5mins late and with my pack on my shoulders I climbed aboard and put my passcard on the reader. I got my ticket but the driver asked aggressively if my journey was essential travel. I said it was and part of my exercise. He continued his aggressive questioning but I had to ignore him and walk to a downstairs seat. In Chorley I got off outside the library and walked round the town to kill time before walking to the bus station to catch my next bus.
I waited a few minutes for the 13:08, 24 bus to Blackburn. This time I lifted my pack on with my hands and although the driver commented on it he was quite cheery and issued my ticket. It was quite enjoyable staring out of the window as we took the scenic route via Wheelton & Abbey Village towards Blackburn. Some years ago the route changed to travel along Livesey Branch Road and this was ideal for me. I got off at the Brown Cow then set off walking uphill along Heys Lane.
Brown Cow.

Methodist Church.

Wesleyan Methodist School Church
There had been overnight snow and some was still on the pavements so I walked just in the road whenever I could. I'd also put a small flashing red light on the rear of my rucksack. I passed the school on the left and wondered why the planners had built it in such an isolated position with a long steep hill on the approach. This wouldn't encourage students to cycle to school. Further up was a boarded up church with CWT 1828 Wesleyan Methodist School Church. It was surrounded by a very large cemetery.
Farm access track.
At the top of the hill I reached the closed Black Bull Pub then turned left along the road and over the hill to the right turn along the farm access track lane. There was still some compacted snow around but enough clear ground for safe walking. Over the M65 motorway I descended down the dip then steeply up towards the final building. There was a red letter box on the right which had no collection plate on it so presumably just decorative.

Crossing the M65

Private Post Box.
I turned right up the old track which is now just a path. There were no tracks in the shallow snow as I headed upwards. When I reached the sharp right bend I turned left and climbed over the stile into the field. There were some footprints in the snow but they just seem to go up the field then back again. I followed the route of the footpath and up to the golf course. At a tumbled down wall I collected a couple of flat stones for my camp and carried them across the golf course. Adjacent to the pine trees by the wall I found a good spot to pitch my tent. Last weekend I visited this spot and hid 2lt bottles of water under the trees. They were still there so water was sorted. I'd also left a tin of sweet & sour chicken by the wall and retrieved that also. It was still light when I'd got the tent up and hoped nobody would be up here. Shortly after getting inside the rain started and was very heavy for a while.

Setting up camp.

Hilleberg Soulo.

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