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Glasgow, Coatbridge, Cycle Route 75, Bathgate, Livingstone, Edinburgh, Scotland. (3 day bike ride)
(3 day bike-pack)
Mon 23 Apr - Wed 25 Apr 2018

Mon 23 Apr 2018

Mon 23 Apr 2018
Tue 24 Apr 2018
Wed 25 Apr 2018
Set off on bike at 05:3
Set off just after 05:30am to ride my loaded Surly touring bike to Preston Railway Station. I was there in plenty of time at around 06:15. I wheeled my bike to platform 3 to wait for the 06:40 train to Glasgow. I hadn't been waiting long before another cyclist turned up with a rather battered looking bike. He had a small rucksack and asked me about how good my Ortlieb panniers were.
Bike on the train to Glasgow
He was also going to Glasgow as he was currently working there though he lived in Preston. We chatted about bike touring until the train arrived on time. There were already 2 bikes on so we had to re-arrange things to get all 4 bikes sorted. I needed to take my panniers off to hang the bike up by the back wheel. I took a photo out of the window as we passed the Howgill Fells and posted it on Facebook, commenting that I was leaving England for Scotland on St George's Day.
Outside a rainy Glasgow
Central Railway Station
We arrived in Glasgow on time just after 09:10am. The street outside was wet and felt quite chilly but there was no rain as I set off along the busy roads. After various busy roads reached I reached a cycle track turn off to head through University Campus buildings and at the end of them reached a quiet road around St Mungos Church. A pedestrian bridge took me over a busy dual carriageway and on to a complicated series of cycle tracks to more busy roads.
Glenboig, the old railway and site of works
It had started drizzling earlier and continued as I road to Muirhead when it thankfully stopped. Leaving the village I stopped at a large busy butchers shop & called in to see if they had any sandwiches. They didn't so I headed out into open countryside along straight roads until I came to a cycle track at a right turn. It follows the line of an old railway. As I reached it a cyclist came off the track saying it was a dead end.
Glenboig brick makers 1929

Old Glenboig Works

Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life. Tram.

Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life. Tram

Summerlee Museum of
Scottish Industrial Life.

Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life.
I said I'd checked it on the map and it eventually connected to a road. He said I would be better off following it the other way. I explained that was not the way I was heading. It was a pleasant ride along a mostly cinder surface until I reached the end at an awkward gate with a low middle section where I had to lift my bike over. A stretch of road took me to another cycle track that took me to Glenboig by a small loch and an excellent information board. It showed the extensive industrial area that used to surround the area. I reached the road and followed it to Coatbridge where I took a short diversion to visit Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life.
Sculpture by old canal basin

Old canal basin and plug

There were some old trams doing rides and a large exhibition hall. I cycled back to the town centre area and the old drained canal basin with its large artistic steel bathplug. I followed the road for a while then on to cycle tracks following the old canal and then old railway. I cycled the same route last month without problems but now there had been many bottles smashed on the line of the cycle track. There were so many that it must have been deliberate as the problem continued for about 2 miles. I passed through Ardrie and reached a Tesco shop on the outskirts where I bought 2, 2lt bottles of water at 59p each. I continued along the road to a new cycle track roughly following the line of the reconstructed railway. It took me to Caldercruix and the Hillend Reservoir. This is where I'd planned to stop for camp one and I managed to find a camp on wet ground near the water and a short way off the cycle track. Train noise was a bit of a problem.