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York, Selby, Holmfirth, Bolton, Yorkshire, Lancashire.
(3 day bike-pack)
Sat 24 Jun - Mon 26 Jun 2023

Sat 24 Jun 2023
1. Sat 24 Jun 2023
2. Sun 25 Jun 2023
3. Mon 26 Jun 2023  
Left home at 05:30am on Dawes touring bike and cycled 9.34mile to Blackburn Railway Station. Iíd previously bought a £10.60 ticket on the 07:04am train to York. The train was on time and I was lucky no other bikes were on the train. Another cyclist did get on further along the route and he was also going to York. We arrived about 9am and after taking a photo on the platform tried to find the way out. I had to take the lift down to cross under the tracks then up again to the platform and way out. I emerged onto Station Road and turned my gps devices on.
Blackburn Railway Station.
I was using my Garmin etrex 30 and also the edge 800. Neither would show the pre-loaded routes. Fortunately I had an older backup etrex 30 and used that as the routes showed but the screen display was very dim. I headed south to Nunnery Lane and Bishopthorpe Road to the access track to the racecourse.

On the train to York.

York Railway Station.

Outside York Railway Station.
I headed west along the cycletrack, sharing it with several pedestrians and I crossed the racecourse. At the underpass by the A64 I stopped for a few moments and was passed by several cyclists on a variety of different kinds of bikes. A short way on I stopped again and the start of the Solar System route at the Sunís globe on the cycle lane along the old railway to Selby. Several more cyclists came by including low slung recumbents and trikes. There must have been some kind of event on as this isnít a coincidence. I continued SE and before long bean to catch up to some of the cyclists and had trouble getting past them even with frequent ringing of my bell. When I reached the A19 there was no sign of them as I cycled along the Main Street through Riccall.

The sun at the start of the cycle trail.

Bike event.
I was riding my old Dawes Galaxy for the first time in a long time with panniers. Iíd left my Surly bike at home. I followed York Road and Barlby Road to the Toll Bridge where I crossed and headed along Church Hill behind Selby Abbey. I bounced my bike down the steep steps and on to the main abbey entrance. It's quite impressive inside but the main reason Iíd called was to top my water bottles ready for camp 1.
Selby Swing Bridge.
It was also a toll bridge until 1991.

Selby Abbey
At the end of the cycle track is the busy road but thankfully I was able to follow a cycle t
A lady guide came out and said it was OK to bring my bike into the church for security and there were already a few bikes there. I decided to leave it by the door as I was only a few minutes topping my bottles up from the tap inside. I continued south on Bawtry Road and over the Selby Canal and through an industrialised area where the supermarkets were. At the Selby bypass roundabout I crossed to follow a narrow and rough cycle track that ran parallel.
Selby Abbey.

Burn Airfield.

Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) members on the tail of a Halifax Mk III bomber.
AI reached the canal again at a bridge but did not go over it. My way was down a narrow lane to the south to Common lane and a delightful tarmac cycle trail continuing south by the old Burn Airfield. Iíd originally planned to camp somewhere along here but it was very warm and there were no trees for shelter from the sun. Towards the end of WW2 it was home to 578 squadron and their Heavy Halifax bombers. Around half way along I decided to camp between the airfield and railway. I had to duck behind my tent to get out of the sun but couldnít go inside as it was too hot. A few cyclists and walkers came along the path.
Camp 01 by the airfield.


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