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Lockerbie, Moffat, Devils Beef Tub, Ettrickbridge, Selkirk, Heriot, Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland.
(3Ĺ day bike-pack)
Tue 20 Aug - Fri 23 Aug 2019

Tue 20 Aug 2019
Tue 20 Aug 2019 Wed 21 Aug 2019 Thu 22 Aug 2019 Fri 23 Aug 2019
Heading north with my bike to do some exploring through the Scottish Borders. I left home at 05:45 and cycled to Preston Railway Station to catch the 07:03 am train to Lockerbie. It was an advance ticket and cost me £7.20. The train was late and left at 07:10 arriving in Lockerbie around 08:40.
Preston Railway Station
I set off north under low cloud and threatening rain. At first there was a dedicated cycle late which was a pleasant luxury. It was soon downgraded to a cycle track on the main carriageway which gave no protection from the HGVs. I was surprised at the number of large lorries as the B7076 I was on as it runs parallel to the main M74
Lockerbie Railway Station

Toulouse on the cycle trail

Moffat Dark Sky town
There was low cloud so nothing to see ahead. It was just a case of keep going and avoiding the traffic. Even at Johnstonebridge there was nothing to see. On the approach to Beattock the signs took me to a cycle track running parallel to the A701. There was an interesting structure that I couldn't figure out. Bikes and Tolouse is all it showed. I continued into the Dark Sky town of Moffat and stopped at the first garage to ask is there a tap where I could get water. I was told no! I continued into the town and called Jack & Rachels Tea Room and asked same question. Was told 'of course' and with bottles filled continued on my way north on A701. 
Water at Jack & Rachels
I started steady climb towards Devils Beef Tub and stopped briefly at Gardenholme Linn where Dr Buck Ruxton dumped the bodies of his wife and housekeeper after murdering them in Lancaster in 1935.
Buck Ruxton was here
I continued up the road to a camping spot Iíve used before that is off the road behind a gate. Good radio reception and signal for phone. 
Camp below Devils Beef Tub

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