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Threlkeld, Brundholme, Skiddaw south, Sale How, Skiddaw House, Glenderaterra Beck, Ings, Cumbria.
18.3 km] Fri 28 Jun 2024

Lat/Long: 54.615477, -03.060213
OS Grid ref: NY 31630 24997

A windy forecast for Cumbria as I drove north along the M6 motorway. I parked in the small layby to the west of Threlkeld and thankfully was the first car there. I set off on the Threlkeld - Keswick Railway Trail which I saw referred to as miles without stiles. Along the first part I noticed a lot of tree thinning had been done and some trees removed. The walking was pleasant but a bit of drizzle meant I’d out my waterproof leggings on.
Fungus by the trail.

Along the old railway.

Shepher's Memorial.
Than was about it as far as rain is concerned but the next weather effect would be wind. I left the railway track at Brundholme and headed up the old lane to the gate at the end of the tarmac. Through the gate I followed the stony track towards the Latrigg car park and as I got higher the wind increased and the temperature began to drop. I know there would be no shelter on the mountain so stopped for an early butty lunch in the shelter of the last tree. There were several vehicles in the car park but only 2 people on the path up towards Skiddaw. I headed up the main path but could only see mist higher up.
 Just before the start of the climb I stopped by the Shepherd’s memorial then headed up. I soon caught and passed the couple up ahead but judging by their clothing and bulk I don’t think they were seasoned walkers. Up past Jenkin Hill I eventually reached the last gate before the summit but this marked the start of my descent route.
Top gate in the mist.

Skiddaw House plantation.

Skiddaw House.

Looking down Glenderaterra.

Skiddaw House.
 It was very windy and I had to hang on to my hat. I went through the gate and turned right (NE) to follow the fence. I was now in mist and heading down towards Sale How. Once below the cloud level I had a hazy view across Skiddaw House plantation of pines ahead. The house was obscured until I arrived there. Adjacent to the gate was a footpath sign diverting people around the outside boundary wall.
Memorial seat & view.

George (Butt) Benson 1938-2017.
There was no vehicle parked there so probably no warden. I was now on the Cumbria Way path and continued towards Glenderaterra Beck. I crossed the beck by the footbridge and followed the track above the valley towards the Blencathra Centre. Just before meeting thew tarmac I stopped to check out a memorial bench to George (Butt) Benson 1938-2017. I had a short sit down before continuing down the lane. At High Row farm I left the road and turned sharp right and down through the gate. Across a couple of fields I reached Ings then down their track back to the road and a short walk to the car.
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