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Dalnamein (A9), Ruighe Chail ruins, Highlands, Scotland.

8.6 km] Wed 12 Jun 2024

Lat/Long: 56.801050, -04.039079
OS Grid ref: NN 75493 69563

An easy morning drive to Scotland.Called at Perth on the way to get diesel and managed over 71 mpg. Then drove on to Dalnamein where I parked by what looks like a council depot for stone etc. I set off north, crossing the busy A9 to head for the pine forest. First I made a short detour to the right to check if the old military road bridge was still there, it was.
Military bridge.

No gold panning.

Bridge & milepost.
Over the bridge was the old milepost but no visible markings. A sign was on a board warning against panning for gold! I followed the track up through the trees and out on to the entrance to the glen I could see the ruins of Ruighe Chail up ahead as I started to descend to the bridge over the river. A short way downstream was a much older bridge with only the bridge abutments remaining and a couple of old poles across.

Ruighe Chail.

Above Ruighe Chail

Ruighe Chail.
On the other side I climbed up to inspect the ruins which were fairly intact except for the roof having collapsed long ago. The largest building was the northernmost and the south gable was still full height to the chimney. The outer wall had been rendered and it looked like bullet holes all over it.
Ruighe Chail.
I returned by the same track back to my car but decided to check on a footbridge across the River Garry that is shown on my OS map. I walked east along the old A9 then down a field to where the bridge had been. A sign said it was out of use and the bridge had long since been swept away. I returned to the car and saw a couple drive down a track towards a building on the far side of the River Garry. The map doesn’t show a bridge but a ford. They got to the river and it looks like they weren’t going to risk taking their car through so were about to wade across. I left and drove north to Dalnaspidal.
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