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Burblethwaite, Charleton Wath, Longlands, Great Cockup, Trusmadoor, Brae Fell, Willy Knott, Cumbria.
[11.7 km] Fri 07 Jun 2024

Lat/Long: 54.723732, -03.108327
OS Grid ref: NY 28624 37102


The weather forecast wasnít great as I drove north along the M6. The drive was fine but windy. However there was a large patch of rain heading in from the west and I couldnít figure if it would pass to the north. I reached the remote Greenhead and left my car on a patch of grass by the road.

Charleton Wath.
I set off west up the tarmac track by Holborn and on to Charleton Wath ford which was briefly in sunshine as I hopped across the boulders. At the group of Longlands properties I turned south to head up Longlands Beck to where the valley opens up into the wide area of River Ellen. It was still quite windy as I started to head up the north side of Great Cockup. Part way up I stopped for an early lunch as I knew there would be no shelter higher up.
Fortunately the ground was short grass and easy going and I'm surprised there is no footpath to follow. As I approached the summit another walker was approaching from the west but he arrived before me and continued down to Trusmadoor. The Great Cockip summit cairn was just a few stones. I descended steeply down to Trusmadoor valley bottom. The main path heads up over Meal Fell but I took the lower path above Frozenfell Gill that joined the main path higher up.
Up to Trusmadoor.

Looking back axross Longlands.

Meal Fell.
At Little Sca Fell the wind was very strong and I felt the first spots of rain. I reached Brae Fell and started my descent to the north along a faint but good track that isnít marked on the map. After about 500m I left it to head right across rough ground to check out an old sheepfold. The wind was strong and the rain was heavy.

I managed a quick photo in reducing visibility then continued down to the ruined bield by Willy Knott. At the aptly named Bog Gill I crossed rough ground through long wet grass to cross a deep ravine and up to the road by Holborn. It was good to be back on tarmac for the short walk back to my car and a change into dry clothes.
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